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Yongtae Kim

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything” Releases in U.K. With Steve Hawking at Premiere


On November 7th The Theory of Everything, a motion picture by Working Title that features the life of world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane released in American cinemas and was a great success shedding new light on the scientist’s life. The film is scheduled to release in the United Kingdom and Professor Stephen Hawking himself was invited to the premiere in London on the 9th of December. READ MORE

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kim Jong Un Starts 2015 With His Father and Grandfather


South Korea’s No Cut News and Yonhap reported that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un kicked off the new year by paying a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, also known as the Kim Il-Sung Mausoleum. The year 2015 has already begun in Korea and it is believed that Kim along with high ranking government and military officials had visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun also to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Korean independence from Japan and also the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. READ MORE

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates Bid 5 Mil. for Korean Shortstop


Last Monday, the Pittsburg Pirates revealed that they had won the right to negotiate with KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) star player Jung-Ho Kang. The Pirates have invested a little over 5 million dollars on the Korean player who is believed by many in Korea as one of the best shortstops in the history of Korean baseball. Kang’s KBO team, the Seoul Nexen Heroes, had almost immediately approved of the Pirates’ bid for their franchise player and is currently negotiating regarding the details of Kang’s upcoming MLB debut. READ MORE


Christian Business Leaders Share Experiences of Living Out Their Faith in the Workforce


Many young Christians may wonder about how to live out their faith after college when they are no longer kept accountable for their walk with God through their brothers and sisters in Christ. At Higher Calling Conference (HCC), a Christian young-adult conference hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) that challenges the young generation to live out missional lives, attendees were invited to listen in on a panel where they could hear testimonies from various people from the work force about their walk with God in the real world.READ MORE

The First Korean ISIS Jihadist?


TV Chosun and Yonhap News let out the possibility of the existence of the first Korean to have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a militant. Chosun Ilbo reported that a photo of an Asian man on horseback wearing Arab attire and carrying a weapon was posted on the internet by an American Middle East expert from the Brookings Institute. READ MORE


Kim Jong Un Plans To Meet Putin in May


South Korea’s No Cut News reported that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Kong Un, the First Secretary of the Korean Laborers’ Party, is planning to visit Russia for a summit meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. On the 19th, the Russian government announced they had officially invited Kim to visit Moscow on the 9th of May, which is Russia’s 70th anniversary of victory in World War II. READ MORE

Higher Calling Conference

Despite Trials, KCCC Leaders Persevere with Prayer for 'Higher Calling'


There are only 3 days left until the 2014 Higher Calling Conference, one of the largest and well-known Christian conferences targeted towards youth and young adults. At their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) students, leaders, staff and alumni gathered for their last session of intercessory prayer for this conference to pray one last time as a ministry for the upcoming event. They all gathered at 7am on the 19th of December. READ MORE

The Yalu River Bridge

Korean-American Christian Arrested in China for Relief Work


AP reported that Peter Hahn, a U.S. citizen and a Christian, was arrested in Yanbian, China while he was doing relief activity in the area on the 19th. He has been working in a city that is very close to the North Korean border and was apprehended by Chinese police of the Korean Autonomous Prefecture. READ MORE

U.S. Normalizes Relations With Cuba After 53 Years of Hostility


The New York Times and Yonhap reported on the 18th that President Barrack Obama has announced that the Unites States will officially be normalizing diplomatic and economic relations with the Republic of Cuba. This is the first time the U.S. had opened its doors to the small socialist nation after 53 long years of hostility. This was a historic moment in the 2 nations’ shared history, and many expect that this new gesture of peace would help to improve America’s relations to all the countries of Latin America. READ MORE

Andromeda Galaxy

Astronomers Found Evidence of “Dark Matter”?


Telegraph and Discovery News reported that astronomers have expressed that they had found signs of a substance called “Dark Matter”, which is thought by many scientists as the basic component of the universe. The existence of Dark Matter was first theorized around 70 years ago, but scientists never managed to find sufficient evidence for the existence of such a substance. READ MORE

United States Congress

Congress Passes New Act To Investigate North Korean Concentration Camps


The U.S. government has recently passed a new act that will authorize the CIA to begin digging deeper into the situation within North Korea’s notorious penal labor camps. SBS and RFA reported that this new Intelligence Authorization Act will allow U.S. intelligence to construct a new database regarding what exactly goes on within these mysterious facilities. READ MORE

Gwanghyun Kim

Korean Pitchers Decline MLB Offer


South Korea’s Sports World reported that pitcher Gwanghyun Kim (Incheon SK Wyverns) has finally decided to decline the offer made to him by the San Diego Padres. His KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) team, the Wyverns announced that negotiations with the Padres have ruptured, and their pitcher will be returning to Korea to prepare for the upcoming 2015 season. READ MORE

The Admiral Official Poster

Korean Block Buster “The Admiral” Releases In China To Great Enthusiasm


The Korean historic block buster, The Admiral: Roaring Currents was releaed in China today in many major Chinese theaters, reports SBS TV. The film which features the Battle of Myeongryang, and the feats of Admiral Yi Sun Shin in the Japanese invasion of 1592, is the highest grossing motion picture ever in the history of Korean cinema. The film’s date of release in China was reported to have been set on the day before China’s memorial for the “Rape of Nanking” (December 13th). READ MORE

Overview of Maldive Islands

U.N. To Call for Reduction on Exhaustion of Green House Gases To Save Small Island States


The 20th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) started today on the 12th of December at Lima, the capital city of Peru. Representatives from around the world gathered to discuss the current situation regarding Global Warming and possible measures that could be taken to prevent disasters. READ MORE

University of Geneva

Switzerland Stops Administration of Ebola Vaccine


The Tribune De Geneve, a local Swiss newspaper reported that a university hospital in Geneva had decided to stop using the newly developed Ebola vaccine on their patients. This vaccine is reported to still be in its testing stages, doctors at the University of Geneva Hospital have reported that some of the volunteers were found to have felt sharp pains in their finger and knee joints. READ MORE

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