The Sunday Assembly, also known as the “Atheist Church”, based in the United Kingdom is scheduled to have its first global assembly. The “church” is also known to have a branch and congregation in the United States. The purpose of this international gathering is to establish a management similar to that of an actual church and also to discuss governing policies and “doctrines”.

The Guardian reported that this organization is expected to expand extremely quickly. It is estimated that by the end of the year, the general assembly will have over 100 congregations in the U.S. alone, and in the U.S. the “Atheist Church” will be comparable to the Church of England’s General Synod.

The United States and England are not the only countries where Godless congregations are emerging. There are branches emerging in places such a Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Grimsby and Aberdeen.

The global assembly of the Godless congregations will involve lectures and seminars for delegates from America, England and Holland. These lectures will be helping the new members from Holland to start their own general assemblies. Leaders of the assembly will also be elected during the gathering.