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Anton Carillo

16-year-old Grace Smith

Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Girl And Put Her School On Lockdown Simply Because She Wouldn’t Wear A Mask


Police officers from Wyoming reportedly arrested a 16-year-old girl and put her school on a lockdown simply because she wouldn't wear a mask.READ MORE

Mark Zuckerberg running through Tiananmen Square in 2016

2020 Elections ‘Bought By Mark Zuckerberg’, Research Reveals


A research revealed that the 2020 Elections held last November was actually "bought by Mark Zuckerberg," the CEO of Big Tech giant Facebook.READ MORE

Young boy wearing Superman costume playing with Superman toy

'Superman' Succumbs To Pressure From Progressive Culture, Comes Out As LGBT


The next "Superman" might not be what fans of the original comic franchise expect to see.READ MORE

Viola Roberts Lampkin Brown

110-Year-Old Woman Praises God For Giving Her Very Long Life


A woman from Virginia celebrated her 110th birthday on October 4 and praised God for giving her a very long life.READ MORE

mom helping daughter using laptop computer for home study

Schools Spied On Students During Pandemic Using The Very Laptops They Gave For Distance Learning: Report


Schools from across America reportedly spied on students during the pandemic using the very laptops they gave for their distance learning.READ MORE

Olympic silver medalist Elinor Barker and husband Casper

Olympic Silver Medalist Didn’t Know She Was Already Pregnant With First Child When She Competed And Won The Medal


An Olympic silver medalist from Great Britain reportedly didn't know she was already pregnant with her first child when she competed and won the medal in Tokyo last early August.READ MORE

woman female inside prison cell standing beside gates

Columbian Nun Who Was Abducted By Group Linked To Al-Qaeda Freed After 4 Years


A Columbian nun who was abducted by a group linked to Al-Qaeda four years ago was finally freed last week and had met with Pope Francis on Sunday.READ MORE

I voted

Voter Fraud: 1 Out Of Every 10 Ballots In Maricopa County Could Not Be Confirmed Due To Missing Image


A report reveals that one out of every 10 ballots in Arizona's Maricopa County could not be confirmed due to its missing image.READ MORE

Vatican City

Vatican Diplomat To The UN Warns US Leaders Against Exploiting God For Selfish Gain


A Vatican diplomat to the United Nations reportedly warned United States leaders against exploiting God for selfish gain during the 69th Red Mass held at Washington D.C.'s St. Matthews Cathedral last October 3.READ MORE

Pastor Mark Burns

Pastor Who Supported Trump In 2016 Announces Run For Congress To ‘Protect Our God-Given America First Agenda’


A pastor from South Carolina who supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 has announced in Twitter last October 6 his run for Congress to "protect our God-given America First Agenda."READ MORE

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Governor Vetoes Laws Perpetuating What Democrats Label As Trump’s 'Big Lie'


Michigan's Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed laws that perpetuated what the Democratic Party has labeled as the "big lie" from President Donald Trump.READ MORE

yellow 'Life' printed balloon

Over A Million Pro-Lifers Across Mexico March For Women And For Life


The March For Women and For Life held nationwide in Mexico last October 3 reportedly recorded a total of more than a million attendees.READ MORE

judge gavel

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas’ Heartbeat Law: ‘This Is An Answered Prayer’


A pro-life group called the federal appeals court's reinstatement of the Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8 as "an answered prayer."READ MORE

Playboy logo

Christians Blast Playboy Magazine For Celebrating Ever-Worsening Sexual Degeneration After Posting Gay Man On Cover


Playboy Magazine was bashed by Christians for featuring a gay man.its cover, celebrating the ever-worsening sexual degeneration society is currently facing.READ MORE

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford

Senator Explains Why God ‘Hasn’t Given Up’ On America Despite Gloomy Comparisons


A senator from Oklahoma explained why he believes God "hasn't given up" on America despite the gloomy comparisons to the Bible's Sodom and Gomorrah.READ MORE

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