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Anton Carillo

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert

Colorado Congresswoman Urges Wives To 'Chase God'


United States Representative Lauren Boebert highlighted God's transforming grace in her life and family during the Charis Christian Center 2022 Family Camp Meeting last Saturday.READ MORE

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Tightens Reigns On Establishing New Religious Groups


Pope Francis decreed on Wednesday that diocesan bishops need to secure a written license from the Vatican before new religious groups could be established as "an institute of consecrated life or a society of apostolic life of diocesan right."READ MORE

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Assures Fans 'Jesus Is With Me' Amidst 'Horrific Storm'


Justin Bieber assured his 241 million Instagram followers on Monday through his InstaStories that he is getting better from his medical illness.READ MORE

PRIDE flag waving in front of the Supreme Court

'Gospel Humility' Is The Christian Response To Pride Month, Pastor Says


A UK-based pastor and author took to Twitter on Monday to share his reflections on the LGBTQ's celebration of June as Pride month and how Christians should respond to it.READ MORE

Joe Kennedy football coach

Sports Illustrated Blasted For Tweet Against Praying Football Coach's Supreme Court Win


Sports Illustrated received flak for its cover story on former Bremerton High School football coach Joseph Kennedy, whose long-running legal case will soon be decided upon by the United States Supreme Court.READ MORE

Upholding the Word of God

Filmmaker Invites Christians To Focus On Discipleship Beyond Overturning Roe v. Wade


In an exclusive interview, renowned filmmaker Stephen Kendrick revealed that beyond creating an appreciation for the value of life amidst a society where there is much debate on it, their hope is for churches to champion life.READ MORE

Life Support

UK Court Says Hospital Can Take 12-Year-Old Off Life Support Despite Parents’ Opposition


The United Kingdom's Royal Courts of Justice Family Division ruled on Monday that the life support on a 12-year-old from Essex be removed by a London hospital on account of the child being medically dead.READ MORE

Public School

Pro-Life Counselors Score Free Speech Win Against School In Unanimous Court Decision


The District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled in favor of pro-life sidewalk counselor Larry Cirignano and his two companions, Ruby Nicdao and Jonathan Darnel, on Thursday in a lawsuit filed by Two Rivers Public Charter School against them in December 2015.READ MORE

John Crist

Christian Comedian John Crist Back With New Comedy Special Following Rehab


The 38-year-old Georgia-based comedian, John Crist, makes a comeback in the limelight through a YouTube special released last week.READ MORE


Churches Continue Providing Relief For Ukrainians As They Rebuild Their Homes


As Russian forces advance to central Ukraine, volunteers commence rebuilding homes ravaged by war and churches continuously provide necessary aid for their daily sustenance.READ MORE

Train Tracks

Good Samaritan Saves 32-Year-Old Man Who Fell Into Electrified Railroad Tracks

A Good Samaritan saved a man who fell into an electrified rail in Chicago on June 6 after being attacked by another individual.READ MORE

burning fire flame

Christian Pregnancy Center Issues Stunning Response To ‘Suspicious’ Fire That Damaged Their Property


First Image, which operates three pregnancy centers in Oregon, announced that their Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center was set on fire around 3 a.m. on Friday. READ MORE


#ChurchToo Movement Gaining Steam As More Abuses In the Church Gets Revealed


Activists of sexual violence have reportedly reached a wider audience across ministries and denominations at an increasing intensity over the past weeks.READ MORE

pro life pro choice

Abortion Activists Targeting Amy Coney Barrett’s Children And Church, Report Says


An organization that claims to expose the corrupt Supreme Court has unleashed a series of tweets on Wednesday targeting Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, her family, and her community.READ MORE

kid in yellow jacket in the woods

3-Year-Old Toddler Survives Three Days In Dangerous Woods Full Of Bears And Lions

A three-year-old boy from Bull Lake Valley, Montana was "miraculously" found 48 hours being reported missing.READ MORE

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