A family, who has helped almost 11,000 Ukrainians through their ministry get safely to Romania since the Russian invasion began, emphasized in an interview that God will not ask you to do something beyond one's means.

A Family Gives Ukrainian Refugees Hope

Hope Partners International's Kirk and Violeta Nowery have ten "Hope Centers" in various locations around the world that have served impoverished people for several years now in Jesus' Name. Hope's mission even entailed them to rescue refugees from warzones through vans driven by pastors.

One of their centers is in Romania, where almost 90,000 Ukrainians, BBC said, fled when the Russian invasion began in February.

The Nowerys' daughter, Ashley Gonzalez, told CBN News that the secret behind her parents' ministry is using what God had already endowed them with.

"It's really God just asking us what's in our hands... give what's in your hands. Use the resources you have, whether it be prayer, time, or money. Just use what's in your hands," Gonzales said.

Kirk who manages the ministry as President also told CBN that their rescue missions' main purpose is to preach the Gospel.

"Our mission is to rescue children and transform their lives in Jesus' name. Hope lies in Jesus Christ. And the first hand that reaches out in any disaster in the world ought to come from God's people who represent the hands and feet of Jesus," Kirk said.

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Kirk recounted one of the families they assisted last week, who witnessed their 15-year-old grandchild shot by the Russian troops in the back. He said their operations continue weekly wherein they send three vans containing medical supplies, water, and food to a town named Ishmael. The vans are then met by Christians in the town who then unload the supplies to allow refugees inside so they can flee Ukraine.

Preach The Gospel Of Hope

According to Bishop Pavlo Shvarts of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine, preaching the Gospel brings hope to many amidst the ongoing war. Shvarts is one of the many pastors who remained in Kharkiv after securing his wife and children outside the city. His reason for staying is to provide care and support to his parishioners, as well as, to continuously hold worship services.

"Preaching the Gospel brings hope that despite the circumstances, despite what is happening near us - God is always with us. He is the one who helps us, who listens to us. The message of Easter is the incredible power of hope that we receive in the resurrection. And it seems to me that this Easter news has become special and closer for many believers in this time," Shvarts said.

The bishop also stressed the importance of having a unified community for little churches under such circumstances, as well as, a sense of belongingness to a larger church that offers prayers and various forms of aid and support for those in Ukraine and its refugees.

BBC reported that the UN released data as of June 9 that a total of seven million Ukrainians have sought refuge in nearby Europe and other countries. A total of 4.9 million are in Europe, while at least 3.2 million have applied for temporary residence in Poland, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, and Belarus. Hungary and Germany have also welcomed Ukrainians together with the Czech Republic and Turkey.

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