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Anton Carillo

abortion victim

What Made Southern Baptists Become Anti-Abortion In The 1980s? An Op-Ed Reveals


With the recently-concluded Southern Baptist Convention urging its members to pray for "abortion-vulnerable women," a university professor and author from Oregon pointed out that America's largest Protestant denomination was not always opposed to abortion.READ MORE

New York Governor Kathy Hochul

Hochul Labels Pro-lifers 'Neanderthals', Claims Overturning Roe V. Wade Is 'Far-Fetched'


New York Governor Kathy Hochul remarked that pro-lifers are Neanderthals during an address given at the Great Hall of Cooper Union on June 13.READ MORE

The Supreme Court as composed October 27, 2020 to present.

Justice Sotomayor Regards Clarence Thomas As Compassionate Friend Despite Differences


United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave a speech on Thursday at an American Constitution Society event where he lauded Justice Clarence Thomas' love for the judiciary's personnel.READ MORE

Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v Wade, Leaked Draft Opinion Reveals

How Should Christians Respond If Roe V. Wade Gets Overturned? 5 Things To Know


Biblical experts identified the Christian response in the event Roe v. Wade gets overturned by the United States Supreme Court when it releases its pending decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case any time soon.READ MORE


Frequency Of Church Attendance Increasing Among Australian Christians Led By Gen Xers


NCLS Research, a reputable Australian organization renowned for conducting studies on church health and community connections, presented the impact of spirituality on communities of faith from their 2021 survey in a webinar held early this month.READ MORE

Rev. William Barbers

'Trials Come To Make Me Strong': Pastor Reflects On Battle With COVID & Ankylosis


Chronic illness has made Disciples of Christ Pastor Rev. William Barber II grounded and inspired in pursuing his fight for the poor out of his faith in God.READ MORE


Lesbian Kiss Gets Disney's 'Lightyear' Banned In Muslim Countries


Disney's $200-million-film "Lightyear" was banned in Muslim countries for including a same-sex kissing scene amidst its release in theaters last June 17.READ MORE

Mike Lindell

Walmart Cancels MyPillow As Aftermath Of 2020 Presidential Elections, CEO Mike Lindell Says


MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell took to social media on Wednesday out of his frustration for being canceled by Walmart in their stores.READ MORE

Supreme Court Rules Kentucky's Attorney General May Defend State's Abortion Restriction

Abortion Activists Claim Children Will Be Forced To Give 'Birth To Children' During Protest Outside Barrett's Home


Pro-abortion activists flocked outside the home of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday in what looked like bloodied clothing in protest of "women-hating fascists."READ MORE


Salt Company Director Consoles Families Of Iowa College Ministry Shooting Victims With God's Unbreakable Promises


After the funeral services for The Salt Company members who died in a shooting incident, Director Solomon Rexius identified three verses from the Bible that he personally found comforting from the trauma.READ MORE

The Supreme Court as composed October 27, 2020 to present.

House Passes Bill Increasing Protections For Supreme Court Justices And Family Members Amid Threats


The United States House of Representatives finally passed the bill designed to increase security for Supreme Court justices and their families on Tuesday.READ MORE


Faith-Based Welfare Services Safer For Kids Compared To Secular Programs, Baylor Study Finds


A Baylor University study shows that children are safer from sexual and professional abuse in faith-based welfare programs than in secular ones.READ MORE

Catholic mass

Pro-Abortion Protesters, Almost Naked, Disrupt Catholic Mass In Michigan


A group of women disrupted an ongoing Mass in Eastpoint's St. Veronica's Parish on Sunday morning shouting not to overturn Roe v. Wade to oppose the Catholic Church's stand on abortion.READ MORE

Why Did Christians Stay In Ukraine Amid War With Russia?

'Use What's In Your Hands': Family Shares Experience Of Helping Ukrainian Refugees


A family, who has helped almost 11,000 Ukrainians through their ministry get safely to Romania since the Russian invasion began, emphasized in an interview that God will not ask you to do something beyond one's means.READ MORE

Samaritan's Purse Transported Displaced Ukrainians from Poland to Canada Amidst Russian Invasion

Ukrainian Praises God While Recounting Plight For Safety From Russian Invasion


Among the millions of Ukrainians seeking shelter in Poland, a young woman recounted recently in an interview how God brought her and her mother to safety.READ MORE

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