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Anton Carillo

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler

Want To Be A Faithful Christian? Be Ready To Face Threats From LGBT 'Moral Revolutionaries': Mohler


Reinforcing the truth that propaganda lurks behind the LGBTQ+ community's celebration of Pride Month every June, theologian Albert Mohler pointed out its dangers to Christians during his June 7 podcast of "The Briefing."READ MORE

score! basketball passed through the hoop in court

New Lakers Coach Praises God, Calls Him 'Master Of All Plans' In Press Con

The Los Angeles Lakers held a press conference on Monday to introduce their new coach, Darvin Ham, who happened to be proud of his Christian faith and spoke openly about God's hand moving in his life.READ MORE

"In God We Trust" motto on a United States dollar bill

Marginalized Voices Key To Saving American Christians, Church Builder Says


A Chicago-based church builder points to the churches in the margins for valuable insights on how to save the American Church, which is slipping away from a Biblical worldview.READ MORE

Supreme Court

Man Who Threatened To Kill Brett Kavanaugh Arrested Near Justice’s Home


A 26-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday near the Maryland home of United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for attempted murder.READ MORE

lit candles placed on a surface

Christian Response To Mass Shootings: 'Be The Light' To Address The Brokenness, Pastor Says


Movie producer and Pastor Samuel Rodriguez raised the need to go beyond the politics on the issue of gun violence and instead address the core of the issue: male brokenness.READ MORE

cross and light

Minneapolis Pastor Launches New Book To Help Christians Navigate Through Uncertain Times Ahead


In the face of so much violence and uncertainty in the world, Minneapolis' Kingdom Embassy Church Pastor Joshua Giles brings a flicker of hope through his new book.READ MORE


Gospel Singer Makes 'Jesus' Trending On Social Media In Response To Nigerian Pentecost Massacre

The Holy Name of Jesus is reportedly trending in social media a few hours after Nigerian singer and Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor Nathaniel Bassey challenged netizens to do so.READ MORE


Teen's Heroic Rescue Of Drowning Toddler Honored

A toddler was given a second chance in life after being saved from drowning by a pre-teen who happened to be in the pool area of her apartment complex in Fairfield, California.READ MORE

State Secretary Antony Blinken

Religious Freedom Violations Persist Globally, Report Says


The United States Department of State released Thursday its 2021 Report On International Religious Freedom, which identified various governments and societies that continue violations against the basic right of exercising one's religion.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Faith-Led Advocacy Group Urges Biden To Hold Summit For the Poor


The Poor People's Campaign, whose national call is for moral revival, urged President Joe Biden on Monday to meet with low-income earners to discuss a variety of issues on poverty.READ MORE


Police ‘Not Cooperating’ To Rescue Christian Girl Kidnapped By Muslim Man In Pakistan


The abduction and forced conversion of Christian girls into Islam continue in Pakistan, a matter reportedly enforced by the inaction of local police.READ MORE

Food Supply

Food Experts Urge Public To 'Stock Up On Foods' For Upcoming Global Famine


Warning bells on an impending global famine are being sounded off by various experts, who urge the public to prepare ahead of time.READ MORE

Woman Accused Of Setting Churches On Fire Practicing Witchcraft, Friends Say

Veteran Firefighter Saves Toddler From Falling Out The Window Of A Building On Fire

A firefighter who has been serving the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department for 17 years saved a toddler from what could've been a 20-feet fall from a burning buildingREAD MORE

heartbreaking divorce

Pastor Of Church Where Shooting Incident Happened Consoles Congregants, Saying 'God Is Near To The Brokenhearted'


The pastors of a Southern Baptist Convention-affiliated church in Ames, Iowa comforted grief-stricken worshippers with biblical verses hours after a shooting incident took place on Thursday that left three dead including the gunman.READ MORE

map of Africa and neighboring countries

Gunmen Attack Nigerian Catholic Church On Sunday—Over 50 Feared Dead


The celebration of Pentecost Sunday turned bloody and violent as a church in Nigeria was attacked by a group of gunmen and left at least 50 people dead.READ MORE

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