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Anton Carillo

Terry McAuliffe

Gubernatorial Candidate Ushers Roe v. Wade Enshrinement In Debate


Virginia's former Governor Terry McAuliffe reportedly ushered the enshrinement of Roe v. Wade during the gubernatorial debate held on Tuesday.READ MORE

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

Arizona Attorney General Directs Audit Results Be 'Preserved' For Evidence


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich have directed the Maricopa County to "preserve" the audit results for evidence, reports say.READ MORE

California Attorney General Rob Bonta

California AG Bans State-Funded Travel To Ohio Because Of Protections Over Medical Workers’ Religious Freedoms


California Attorney General Rob Bonta reportedly banned state-funded travel to Ohio, making it the 18th state in their list, because of protections over medical workers' religious freedoms.READ MORE

Noah's Ark

Archaeologists Find ‘Boat-Like Formation’ Matching The Bible’s Description About Noah’s Ark In Turkey


Archaeologists reportedly found a "boat-like formation" matching the Bible's description of Noah's ark in the mountains of Turkey.READ MORE


Vatican Weighing Ethical Concerns About Vaccine Booster Shots


The Vatican is reportedly weighing ethical concerns about the vaccine booster shots needed since people in other countries haven't even received their first dose of the COVID vaccine yet.READ MORE

COVID vaccine

CDC Study Reveals Moderna Vaccine More Effective Than Pfizer, J&J


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study that reveals the COVID-19 vaccine of Moderna is actually more effective than that of Pfizer's and Johnson & Johnson.READ MORE

RINO Liz Cheney

Senator Laments Republicans Not Embracing Controversial Equality Act, Which Is Dangerous For People Of Faith


Liz Cheney is lamenting the fact that some of her Republican colleagues are not willing to embrace an unbiblical interpretation of marriage and sexuality as stipulated in the Equality Act, which is expected to put religious freedom in danger.READ MORE

open Bible

Here’s How Christians Bring Bibles Into Iran, Where It’s Illegal To Possess One


Christians reportedly bring in Bibles into Iran through smuggling since it's illegal to possess one in the country.READ MORE

Ohio Senate hopeful J.D. Vance

Christians And Conservatives Should Be Allowed To Live Their Values, Senate Hopeful Says


A candidate for the Ohio Senate reportedly pointed out that Christians and conservatives should be allowed to live their values.READ MORE

Samsung tablet showing Google's search page on a browser

Google Blasted For Promoting Game Teaching Kids How To Sexually Assault Teenage Girls


Big Tech company Google reportedly advertised to children a mobile game that teaches kids how to sexually assault teenage girls.READ MORE

Marco Rubio

Senator Creates Legislation Allowing Citizens To Fight Against Woke Corporations Pursuing Political Ideology


Senator Marco Rubio from Florida created a bill that will allow citizens to fight against corporations pushing political ideologies including Marxism, socialism, and so on.READ MORE

injection syringe vaccination inoculation jab COVID vaccine

CDC Announces Children Can Go Trick Or Treating This Year - But With Rules


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Sunday that children can go Trick or Treating this year but only if they follow some rules.READ MORE

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Texas Joins Other States In Taking Action Against Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s For Anti-Israel Move


The state of Texas joined other states in taking action against Unilever and Ben & Jerry's for their decision to stop catering to Israeli customers.READ MORE

Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Signs Bill Preventing Parents From Knowing If Their Kids Had Abortions, Transgender Treatment


California Governor Gavin Newsom signed on September 22 a bill preventing parents from knowing if their kids had abortions and received transgender treatment such as puberty blockers.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

Trump Wonders Why Some Christians ‘Can Be Supportive’ Of Biden’s Anti-Christian And Pro-Abortion Policies


The former President said that while a "bad call from a doctor" might make him think twice about running, he feels "so good" right now and "hates" what Biden is doing to the country. Does this mean he is running for President on 2024?READ MORE

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