United States Representative Lauren Boebert highlighted God's transforming grace in her life and family during the Charis Christian Center 2022 Family Camp Meeting last Saturday.

The controversial 35-year-old Republican was one of the speakers in the Family Camp's morning session along with Christian author Mark Hankins. In her talk, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert focused on the role of a married woman to her husband and family, based on her own spiritual journey.

The Importance Of Chasing God

The Christian Post said Boebert became a born-again Christian in 2010 and is a member of Glenwood Spring's New Creation Church. The young mother passionately testified to the incredible journey of transformation she witnessed not only in herself but in so many marriages, including hers. But the transformation in her life, she stressed, began only when she started pursuing God.

"Ladies, it was years before I had my husband sitting in the pew next to me. For years I interceded, wanting my husband (Jayson Boebert) by my side, praising God, living out this God kind of life that I knew was far better than anything else that was going on. But ladies, if you chase God with everything that you have, your husband will chase after you chasing God," Boebert said.

"We serve a God of life, a God of resurrection, so when things seem dead, praise the Lord! Because He is amazing at bringing things back to life," she added.

The owner of Shooter's Grill, a restaurant where waiters openly carry firearms while serving, then directed her message to the women in the assembly. She encouraged women who have been feeling they don't have a purpose in life just because they are not in the limelight. The born-again said she reflected on her life and realized that her very own home showed some of her greatest purpose, such as influencing her husband and children.

According to Boebert, God has empowered each one to a respective calling through His grace, which she referred to as "amazing grace." This calling is never easy but God gives the strength so that one can do it accordingly.

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The Grace To Forgive

The Congresswoman zoned in on forgiveness as an example. She emphasized that forgiveness is something wives ought to show their husbands even though natural circumstances do not ask for or provide it. Showing forgiveness is a way wives can honor and respect their husbands despite them not wanting to.

"Grace isn't just something sloppy that just covers up your sin. Grace empowers you, grace strengthens you. This is the divine reflection of God in your heart that other people see. This is what grace is for," Boebert explained.

Boebert said that God does not want anyone to become a doormat when He asks them to forgive, respect, and honor other people. God is fully aware that forgiveness is something humans can not do naturally and would require to ask for His grace to do so. She stressed that everyone needs grace and the Holy Spirit, Who provides it.

In conclusion, Boebert stressed that God's call for a person is always bigger than that person and this is the reason why one needs to ask the Holy Spirit for grace to do it. She pointed out that if one is able to do something on his or her own, then that is not really God's calling for that person.

Boebert, who co-chairs the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, has been in a hot seat due to rumors of being a paid escort and having two abortions. This is on top of allegations of misusing her campaign funds, prompting an investigation to be conducted against her recently.

Salon reported that during her talk in the Family Camp, the Republican also kidded praying for the early demise of President Joe Biden, citing Psalm 109:8 and the succeeding verse on it that particularly prays for a child to be fatherless and a wife to be a widow. The video of her statements on Biden quickly went viral on Twitter and received a lot of criticism, which highlighted rumors about her.

In response to the controversy, Boebert announced that she will take legal action against those who are defaming her. She declared on Twitter that she will not allow these "smears" to affect her.

The controversy comes in the face of the Congresswoman running in the state's ongoing primary.

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