Pro-abortion activists flocked outside the home of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday in what looked like bloodied clothing in protest of "women-hating fascists."

Rise Up For Abortion Rights, a group established just this January by long-time activists Sunsara Taylor, Merle Hoffman, and Lori Sokol against the Supreme Court's alleged "on track" decimation of abortion rights, live-streamed their protest outside Justice Barrett's home in Virginia. The abortion activists claimed that their protest is a call for others to join them in preventing Roe v. Wade from being overturned.

"We aren't incubators! Youth procession delivered baby dolls to Amy Coney Barrett. We aren't protesting to change the minds of women-hating fascists. We're calling on the pro-choice majority, on YOU, to get in the streets to STOP #SCOTUS from overturning Roe. Join us TUESDAY (June 21) the next possible decision day outside #SCOTUS at 9AM for Overturn Roe? Hell No!" Rise Up For Abortion captioned their live stream.

Abortion Activists Continue Protests Outside Barrett's Home

The Night Show highlighted that the young activists-mostly high school students-donned clothes with fake blood stains while holding baby dolls between hands tied together. Some even carried signs that said, "Not going back," along with slogans "forced motherhood = female enslavement." Other signs, CBN News said, promoted their belief in "Abortion on demand and without apology."

According to the protesters, they are representing what "Amy's America" would look like once Roe v. Wade is overturned. One 15-year-old protester named Ariana believed that women will be invalidated and will be told they are less than who they are because they are forced to give birth to children. Ariana stressed they could not let that happen and they will not allow such a future to happen to them.

The young activists emphasized that they are terrified because "people are actually dying and bleeding out because they can't get a safe abortion." They also feel powerful out of knowing that they are doing something important for a lot of women by representing what they are going through.

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Abortion Activists Becoming Extreme

The group was the same abortion activists Christianity Daily reported three days ago who disrupted an ongoing Mass at St. Veronica's Parish in Eastpoint, Detroit. The activists came inside the church in the middle of the priest's homily shouting in support of abortion while being almost naked--one woman only wore fig leaves to conceal her private parts.

Almost two weeks ago, extreme abortion activists Ruth Sent Us published Barrett's home address with the rest of the Supreme Court Justices' on social media. The group urged the public to particularly hold demonstrations outside Barrett's home after disclosing the justice's daily routine with her family. The extremists even implied attacking the justice's neighbors who they called racists.

The series of protests outside Barrett's home come after the Supreme Court's draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case was leaked to the public by Politico. Pro-abortion activists have held simultaneous protests nationwide besides demonstrating outside the homes of the five justices who were named in the leaked opinion favoring overturning Roe v. Wade.

The United States Congress last week has already approved a bill that will increase the security given to justices and their families in the face of heightened threat to their lives. The bill's approval came after a man, Nicholas John Roske, was arrested outside Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home on June 7 for attempted murder. Roske was loaded with deadly weapons including a gun and admitted intending to kill the judge.

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