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Anton Carillo

Nicki Minaj and her baby

Nicki Minaj 'Challenges’ Vaccine Mandate, Sends Leftists Into "Panic"


Tucker Carlson accurately pointed out what the meltdown was about: Minaj asking people to "pray on it, make the decision yourself like a free human being, and quote, 'don't be bullied'."READ MORE

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

Biden Sued By Arizona Over Vaccine Mandate Favoring Elites And Illegals Over Americans


The state of Arizona filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for the vaccine mandate being "unconstitutional" and for favoring elites and illegals over Americans.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Biden Remains Confident In Milley Despite Call To China, Says No Resignation Needed


Joe Biden reportedly remains confident in Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley despite his controversial phone calls to China, and says there is no need for his resignation.READ MORE

Catholic church

Almost 100 Attacks On US Catholic Churches Experienced Since May Last Year: Report


A report released by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reveal that there were at least 95 attacks experienced by its churches since May 2020.READ MORE

Pastor Tony Suarez

Pastor Expresses Hope That Trump’s ‘Strong Leadership’ Which Honored God, Scripture And People Of Faith Would Return


A pastor and author from Tennessee expressed hopes that former President Donald Trump's "strong leadership," which honored God, Scripture, and people of faith, would return because America needs it.READ MORE

Live Action ads banned by Google despite running for four months

Google Goes Anti-Life, Shuts Down Live Action’s Pro-Life Ads Promoting Abortion Pill Reversal Without Warning


Big Tech Google goes anti-life as it shuts down without warning Live Action's pro-life advertisements on the abortion pill reversal.READ MORE

State Secretary Antony Blinken

Biden State Department Told Americans In Afghanistan To ‘Arrange Your Own Departure Without Assistance From US Government‘: Reports


The United States Department of State allegedly told Americans in Afghanistan to "arrange your own departure without assistance from the US Government."READ MORE

Resurrection Christian School

Christian School To Follow COVID-19 Protocols After Threat Of Closure


A Christian school from Colorado has reportedly agreed to follow COVID-19 health protocols after being threatened with closure.READ MORE

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom Defeats Recall As Mainstream Media Project His Win Amid Reports Of Voter Fraud


Governor Gavin Newsom allegedly defeated the recall election against him as mainstream media project his win--like it did in the November 2020 Elections for President Joe Biden--amid reports of voter fraud.READ MORE

going offline and off the grid to hide

Christian Ministries Losing Contact To Believers Stuck In Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan


Underground ministries in Afghanistan are reportedly losing contact with their networks following the Taliban takeover of the country.READ MORE

lab rat

FDA Bought Unborn Baby Heads And Other Body Parts For ‘Humanized Mice’ Project, Documents Reveal


Documents reveal that the United States Food and Drug Administration bought unborn baby heads and other body parts for a "humanized mice" project.READ MORE

United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley

Gen. Milley Promised To Alert China If US Decides To Attack – Trump Says Act ‘Treason’ If True


United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley reportedly promised to alert the Chinese Communist Party should America decide to attack it, prompting former President Donald Trump to say this is an act of "treason" when proven true.READ MORE

Live Action Facebook cover image

Pro-Life Group Blasts House Speaker Pelosi For Calling Texas’ Abortion Ban ‘Immoral’ And Pledging To Fight It Using Legislation


A Virginia-based major pro-life group blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for calling the Texas Heartbeat Act "immoral" and "catastrophic" and for pledging to fight it using legislation.READ MORE

Federal Judge Amul Thapar

Federal Judge Blasts Supreme Court For Legalizing Abortion ‘Without A Shred Of Support’ From U.S. Constitution, Wants Roe Overturned


A United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit judge condemned Roe v. Wade being a precedent "without a shred of support" from the U.S. Constitution, and forcing him to vote with two other judges against a law similar to the Texas Heartbeat Act.READ MORE

Biden trolled

Kids Troll Joe Biden During Pictorial With MAGA Hats, Trump Memorabilia

A photo of kids wearing items promoting former President Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement and posing with President Joe Biden is making rounds in social media.READ MORE

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