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Pope Francis

Pope Francis Fuels Rumors He Will Follow His Predecessor Benedict XVI's Footsteps


Rumors circulated on social media on Sunday about Pope Francis following the steps of his predecessor, Pope Benedict VI, who resigned from the papacy.READ MORE

CCP Militarized Islands in South China Sea: US Admiral

China Executes Night Raid Drills Over Taiwan In The Face Of Biden's Warning Of Providing "Military" Defense Against An Invasion


To exert its dominance in against its neighboring country and the world, the Chinese government carried out a night raid on Monday for six hours over Taiwan.READ MORE

McDonalds junk food on the table

Muslim Woman Files Complaint Against McDonald's For Intentionally Serving Bacon To Her Family


A Muslim woman from Massachusetts filed a discrimination complaint against food chain giant McDonald's for intentionally adding bacon to the fish sandwich she ordered for her children.READ MORE

Christian Persecution still exist in the nation.

30 Christians In India Arrested On False Accusations Of Converting People


More than three dozen Christians in India's Uttar Pradesh were imprisoned by state authorities last month for violating the anti-conversion law.READ MORE


Pastor's Daughter Who Considered Abortion In College, Now A Pro-Life Minister


A former youth leader whose father was a senior pastor and whose boyfriend similarly belonged to a religious family found herself on the fork road of choosing between life and abortion for an unplanned pregnancy.READ MORE

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Congratulates Son & Youths Who Commit Their Lives To The Lord


Fr. Stu's lead star Mark Wahlberg reportedly praised his son and young adults like him who dedicate their lives to God in a social media post on Sunday.READ MORE

newborn baby boy

Abandoned Baby Saved From Garbage Pile in Iran

A newborn baby boy wrapped in a garbage bag and thrown in a dumpster in Iran's capital of Tehran was rescued by a Good Samaritan last week.READ MORE


Pro-Life Ministry Celebrates Three Decades Of Serving As 'Church' Of 'Word' And 'Action


A Texas-based pregnancy center opened its new branch in the Dallas Fort Worth area, capping 30 years of its pro-life service as the Prestonwood Baptist Church's ministry.READ MORE

Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v Wade, Leaked Draft Opinion Reveals

Republicans Push Bill Against Leakers As Supreme Court Investigation Intensifies


More than a dozen United States Republican Congressmen introduced on Tuesday a bill that would hold individuals criminally liable for leaking confidential Supreme Court information.READ MORE

communion hosts

$2 Million Jeweled Gold Tabernacle Stolen From Brooklyn Church By Crook Who Decapitated Angel Statue


A church in Brooklyn's Park Slope was desecrated and robbed last week, with the thief taking away a century-old and jeweled tabernacle worth $2 million.READ MORE

Mother and child

Video Captures Boy Being Saved After Drowning for Over 3 Minutes in Pool

A surveillance camera video captured the suspense-filled moments of how a four-year-old boy from Kansas diagnosed with nonverbal autism was brought back to life from drowning.READ MORE

Jesus Film Media

'Jesus' Is The Best Way To Prevent Mass Shootings, Ex-Navy SEAL Says


A former Navy SEAL pointed to Jesus and the country's biblical foundations as the sure solution to end the recurrence of violent tragedies such as the Uvalde, Texas massacre.READ MORE

burning fire flame

Mysterious Good Samaritan Who Saved Man From Burning Car Comes To The Open

A 47-year-old man from Turlock, California, who quickly disappeared after saving a man from a burning car last April 14, has finally come to the open in the hope that the public would financially help the family of the man he saved.READ MORE

Map showing China and Taiwan

China May Soon Take Over Taiwan, Leaked Audio Reveals


A leaked audio recording of a Peoples Liberation Army top-secret meeting held last May 14 detailed the Chinese Communist Party's plans to invade Taiwan.READ MORE

handgun with bullets around

Manufacturer Of Gun Used In Uvalde Massacre 'Paired Love Of Guns With Love Of The Bible', Report Says


Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of guns used in the Uvalde, Texas school mass shooting, reportedly posted imagery captioned with Holy Scripture on social media prior to the terrifying incident.READ MORE

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