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Anton Carillo

Student Alleges Tennessee Christian College Discriminated Against Her After Reporting Rape

Brave Samaritan Saves Woman From Attempted Kidnapping, Rescue Caught On Cam


A brave woman from Burlington, Massachusetts saved a 37-year-old mother from an attempted rape and abduction on a Sunday night.READ MORE

Pastor Tony Spell released from prison

Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell Plans To Sue Over Wrongful Arrests Following Court Victory


Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell vowed to file charges against the state of Louisiana for the unlawful arrests made to him during the height of the pandemic.READ MORE

New York Shooting Kills 10 People Including 2 Christians

Buffalo Pastor Denounces Society That 'Produces People' Like Racist Mass Shooter In New York


Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church Pastor George Nicholas criticized the mass shooting inflicted by 18-year-old White supremacist Payton Gendron on Tops Friendly Markets' customers last Saturday.READ MORE

Chynna Phillips Baldwin

Christian Actress And YouTuber's Gratefulness To God Fuels Her To Help Others Overcome Grief


American actress turned Christian YouTuber Chynna Phillips Baldwin recently disclosed her sexual trauma at the age of 12, which God turned around and prompts her to help others.READ MORE

United States Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas Reveals How Supreme Court Changed Following Draft Leak


United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas finally spoke publicly on Friday regarding the leaked draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health case, which raised the need to overturn Roe v. Wade.READ MORE

Christian baptism by immersion in pool of water

Southern Baptists See Hopeful Signs Of Churches Recovering From COVID-19 Pandemic


Southern Baptists see two signs of hope that their congregations are finally bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic: increased baptisms and a $304 million increase in overall giving during 2021.READ MORE

The Supreme Court as composed October 27, 2020 to present.

Justices Hold Closed-Door Meeting After Supreme Court Leak, Amidst Investigation Theories


The United States Supreme Court justices met for the first time on Thursday behind closed doors a week after the draft opinion set to overturn Roe v. Wade was exposed by Politico.READ MORE

Food Crisis

US To Aid Africa On Food Crisis Caused By Russia-Ukraine Conflict


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Thursday the government's plans to aid in the ongoing global food crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine that started last February.READ MORE

Holy Bible

Missouri Theft Victims Forgive Robber, Want Him To Come Back For A ‘Gift’—A Bible


A family victimized by a thief is reportedly changing the story by inviting the unidentified man back into their home in Jackson County, Missouri to get a special gift: a Bible.READ MORE

ultrasound showing baby inside a mother's womb

National Pro-Life Group Launches Dobbs Awareness Campaign


In the light of the Democratic Party's failure to codify Roe v. Wade, a national pro-life organization will launch on Thursday a television advertisement to help people better understand the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case.READ MORE

Picture of a Fetus

Democrats Fail To Push Pledged Abortion On Demand


For the second time, the Democratic Party failed in passing the touted abortion-without-limits bill, House Bill 3755 or the Women's Health Protection Act, in the United States Senate on Wednesday.READ MORE

pregnant mother holding her tummy

White Evangelicals Support Abortion Bans More Than Other Religious Groups: Pew


A survey conducted on 11,044 Americans and released last Friday showed that White evangelicals lead religious groups in opposing abortion.READ MORE

CDC Study Admits COVID Lockdowns Caused Major Problem Among Kids

CDC Tracked Millions Of Americans To Monitor Obedience To COVID Lockdowns


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly paid almost half a million dollars to randomly track millions of Americans through their cellphones during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.READ MORE

Photo of School Bus

Bus Driver Rescues 40 Students From Burning School Bus Out Of Love

The quick actions of a driver from West Melbourne, Florida saved the lives of 40 students last week from a bus that caught fire.READ MORE

Senate's side of the Capitol Building

US Senate To Codify Roe V. Wade On Wednesday In Light Of SCOTUS Leak


The battle for the life of the unborn intensifies as the United States Senate rushes to cement Roe v. Wade into law as an outcome of the Supreme Court opinion draft leak last week. READ MORE

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