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Anton Carillo

ballot muzzled with a face mask

Maricopa County’s Canvassing Results Are Out -- Shows Election Results Should Be Decertified


Finally, the much-awaited results of the Maricopa County election audit is out and it reportedly does show that election results should be decertified.READ MORE

woman in refugee camp

Woman Who Escaped Afghanistan Reveals Taliban ‘Didn’t Change’ At All – They Are Still ‘Killing, Beating’ Women And Kids


An Afghan woman revealed in an interview that the Taliban "didn't change" at all and they are still "killing, beating" women and kids.READ MORE

mom teaching her daughter lessons at home

More American Parents Are Choosing To Homeschool Their Children


Various reports show that more American parents choose to homeschool their children due to the pandemic and due to "schools that they say aren't working."READ MORE

Gov. Kristi Noem

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Bans Telemedicine Abortions In State, Makes It Harder To Abort The Unborn


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem fulfilled what she said last week that they will be following in the footsteps of Texas in the protection of the unborn when she banned telemedicine abortions on Tuesday by signing Executive Order 2021-12.READ MORE

burning fire flame

Christian Children Burned ‘Beyond Recognition’ By Jihadists In Nigeria: Report


Jihadists in Nigeria reportedly burned Christian children "beyond recognition" during several attacks conducted last month.READ MORE

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson

Former Planned Parenthood Director ‘Thrilled’ At Texas Heartbeat Law, Says ‘Abortion Is Just Demonic’


Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson reacted positively to the recently enacted Texas Heartbeat Law saying she is "thrilled" about it since "abortion is just demonic."READ MORE

First Baptist Church Kenner, La.

Please Pray: At Least 70 Churches In Louisiana Damaged By Hurricane Ida


Prayers are requested as more than 70 churches in Louisiana and across states affected by Hurricane Ida have been partially damaged or totally destroyed.READ MORE

people seated inside a commercial plane

Biden Admin Stopped Rescue Planes From Leaving Afghanistan, Handed Manifesto Over To Taliban: Glenn Beck


Conservative commentator Glenn Beck revealed that President Joe Biden's administration stopped rescue planes from leaving Afghanistan by handing the manifesto to the Taliban.READ MORE

Gov. Greg Abbott during the signing of Texas' Senate Bill 1

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Election Security Bill Into Law


Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1 into law on Tuesday in Tyler supposedly meant to reclaim election integrity in the state that was mired with controversy following the allegations on voter fraud last November.READ MORE

1776 Action

Trump’s 1776 Commission Inspires Group To Launch Campaign Fighting Against Historical Revisionism


A group composed of experts in politics and business who were inspired by former President Donald Trump's 1776 Commission have launched a campaign on September 1 to fight against historical revisionism in schools.READ MORE

passenger plane in flight

Biden Administration Blocking Flights Carrying Americans From Afghanistan, Private Rescue Group Reveals


Reports alleged that President Joe Biden's Administration is blocking privately organized flights carrying Americans from Afghanistan.READ MORE

pro-abortion = pro-choice

Hilariously, Texas Abortion Ban Prompts Leftists To Consider Marriage And Avoid Sexual Promiscuity


Leftists were reported to consider marriage and avoid sexual promiscuity as a way to circumvent Texas' new abortion ban.READ MORE

American citizen Mariam and her kids, now safely rescued from Afghanistan

Afghanistan Mission Rescues American Mom And Kids, Blasts Biden State Dept. For Trying To Grab The Credit


An organizer of a rescue mission to Afghanistan blasted President Joe Biden's State Department for trying to grab the credit on the rescue of an American mother and her three kids from the country now ruled by the Taliban.READ MORE

Devastation left by Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, Louisiana

‘It Looks Like A Bomb Went Off’: Hurricane Ida Leaves Cities Without Power For Weeks


A mayor from Grand Isle, Louisiana likened the aftermath of Hurricane Ida to a detonated bomb as cities are left powerless for weeks.READ MORE

pregnant mom with many hands holding her tummy

Fight For Life Rages As Texas Judge Sides With Pro-Abortionists Against Pro-Life Group Despite Abortion Ban


A Texas judge reportedly sided with pro-abortionist Planned Parenthood on Friday in a case filed against pro-life group Texas Right To Life despite the abortion ban already in place in the state since last week.READ MORE

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