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Anton Carillo

male and female sign

Actress Argues God Is Not Confined To 'He' Or 'She'


An actress who has identified herself to be pansexual in 2018 and currently identifies as nonbinary alleged on a social media guesting that God is beyond the male and female pronouns. READ MORE

Jesus Christ Is Taken Down From The Cross

Shroud Of Turin Roughly 2000 Years Old, May Originate From Time Of Christ’s Death And Resurrection


The mysterious Shroud of Turin, which is believed for centuries to be the burial clothes of Jesus Christ, was recently subjected to new scientific testing showing it did originate in the 1st Century. READ MORE

Mariupol Ukraine

Mass Grave Possibly Containing 9,000 Dead Discovered In Ukraine


A mass grave twenty times larger than those discovered in Bucha, Ukraine ha been identified through satellite images released by local authorities. READ MORE

Photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Sean Feucht Announces ‘Hold The Line’ Rally In Front Of Disney World In Florida


After successfully holding a massive rally against the Walt Disney Company early this month, "Let Us Worship" Founder Sean Feucht announced the next Hold The Line rally in Florida on May 16. READ MORE

pregnant mother holding her tummy

Stranger Saves Pregnant Woman From Getting Shot During New York Subway Shooting


A 28-year-old pregnant woman was heroically saved by a stranger who took the bullet for her during the New York City subway shooting last week. READ MORE

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis with husband Gov. Ron and kids

Florida Strips Disney Of Self-Governing Status As Woke Company Opposes Law Protecting Children


Florida Governor Ron De Santis urged the state's senate to repeal a 1967 law that gave the Walt Disney Company its private government following opposition to the Parental Rights In Education Law, which is also known as H.B. 1557. READ MORE

cross and light

Dog The Bounty Hunter Stuns ‘Masked Singer’ Judges With Tearjerking Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace’


Duane Lee Chapman, more commonly known as television personality Dog the Bounty Hunter, reportedly performed the most beautiful rendition of John Newton's "Amazing Grace" in "The Masked Singer" last week. READ MORE

Magic Johnson

NBA Legend Glorifies God In Four-Part Documentary About His Life: ‘God Has Truly Blessed Me’


National Basketball Association legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson testified to God's goodness during a virtual press conference on Apple TV's four-part documentary series on his life, "They Call Me Magic," which debuts today, April 22. READ MORE

Persons With Disability

Individuals With Disabilities At High Risk Of Sexual Abuse, Baptist Convention Official Says


A high official of the Baptist Convention is currently tasked to safeguard persons with disabilities from sexual abuse. READ MORE

More than 700 Acts of Violence Committed Against Christians in India in 2021

Evangelical Christians Arrested During Easter Service In Northern India


Almost 40 Christians were arrested on Maundy Thursday in India's Fathepur District of Uttar Pradesh allegedly for illegal religious conversions. READ MORE


Dede Robertson, Wife Of CBN Founder Pat Robertson, Dies At 94


The wife of televangelist and former presidential candidate Pat Robertson died at the age of 94 in their Virginia Beach home on Tuesday. READ MORE

vote ballot elections

Vote Monitoring Group To Reveal Data Exposing ‘Organized Crime’ During 2020 Election


True The Vote, an organization aimed at restoring American confidence in the electoral process, appeared on the Charlie Kick show last Thursday, April 7, and announced that they will reveal soon the widespread ballot trafficking that happened in the 2020 Elections. READ MORE

Amsterdam-based Russian Orthodox Congregation Parts Ways with Moscow Patriarch Kirill Following Ukraine Invasion

World Council Of Churches Urged To Expel Russian Orthodox Church For Supporting Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine


Various church leaders are pressuring the World Council of Churches to remove the Russian Orthodox Church from its membership in line with Patriarch Kirill's support of Russian President Vladimir Putin's political agenda. READ MORE


Colorado Pastor Highlights Easter Hope And Victory After Surviving Marshall Fire


A pastor from Louisville, Boulder County focused his Easter Message on hope and victory in the light of experiencing severe losses from the Marshall Fire that hit Colorado last December. READ MORE

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Condemned Online Simply For Being A Christian Amid ‘Thor Love And Thunder’ Trailer Release


Chris Pratt announced Marvel Studios' first trailer release of his upcoming film "Thor: Love And Thunder" on Monday and ended up being bashed by trolls who took it as his confirmation of being a bisexual. READ MORE

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