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Iran and surrounding nations as seen in a map

Christian Converts In Iran Facing Persecution From Iranian Ministry Of Intelligence


The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence reportedly persecuted several Christian converts through imprisonment including a 51-year-old woman.READ MORE

national debt

Report Reveals Biden Administration’s Wasteful Spending Including Funding Chinese Researchers


President Joe Biden's Administration allegedly wasted $10.5 trillion based on a report issued by United States Senator for Oklahoma James Lankford on Sunday.READ MORE

PCUSA Reports Massive Losses In 2021

PCUSA Reports Massive Losses In 2021


The Presbyterian Church in the U.S. has lost thousands of members and dozens of congregations in 2021 alone.READ MORE

Taliban Hard-liners Continue Repression on Afghanistan Following the U.S. Withdrawal

Afghanistan Experiencing ‘Downward Spiral’ In Religious Freedom: USCIRF


The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released on Monday its 2022 Annual Report, which highlighted the chilling decline in religious freedom in Afghanistan. READ MORE

burning fire flame

Florida Cop Saves Baby From Blazing Apartment


A law enforcement officer from Orange County, Florida was regarded as a hero for saving a baby on Saturday from an apartment fully covered in flames. READ MORE

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield Says He’d Be Studying Theology If He Wasn’t An Actor


Multi-awarded actor Andrew Garfield revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair last week that he would have taken theological studies had he not become an actor.READ MORE


Pastor Previously Deposed For Corruption Buys $8.3M Mansion From Tampa Bay Buccaneers Co-Owner


Joshua Media Ministries International Head David E. Taylor reportedly purchased a palatial estate in Avila of North Tampa, Florida. READ MORE

homeless veteran with military gear and American flag on sidewalk

California Church Looking To Build New Properties To House The Homeless


A church in El Cajon, California revealed plans to build six cabins on its property to house the homeless in the hope of leading other churches to follow suit. READ MORE

United States Supreme Court building

Supreme Court Debating Whether Coach’s Post-Game Prayer Is Constitutionally Protected


The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Monday on the "Kennedy v. Bremerton School District" case, which intends to determine the constitutionality of firing a government employee for praying in public.READ MORE

hate speech message

Pro-LGBT Senator Claims People Using 'Faith' As 'Weapon To Hate' Others


Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow reportedly defended herself on a five-minute speech in the state's Senate floor last Tuesday, April 19, against accusations of grooming kids out of her being an LGBTQ rights backer. READ MORE

National Day of Prayer 2016

Grammy Award-Winning Christian Artists Joining National Day Of Prayer On May 5


Renowned Christian artists Lecrae, Matthew West, and Chris Tomlin will be joining the annual National Day of Prayer Broadcast, which will be held this year at Washington, D.C.'s The Museum of the Bible on May 5. READ MORE

male and female sign

Actress Argues God Is Not Confined To 'He' Or 'She'


An actress who has identified herself to be pansexual in 2018 and currently identifies as nonbinary alleged on a social media guesting that God is beyond the male and female pronouns. READ MORE

Jesus Christ Is Taken Down From The Cross

Shroud Of Turin Roughly 2000 Years Old, May Originate From Time Of Christ’s Death And Resurrection


The mysterious Shroud of Turin, which is believed for centuries to be the burial clothes of Jesus Christ, was recently subjected to new scientific testing showing it did originate in the 1st Century. READ MORE

Mariupol Ukraine

Mass Grave Possibly Containing 9,000 Dead Discovered In Ukraine


A mass grave twenty times larger than those discovered in Bucha, Ukraine ha been identified through satellite images released by local authorities. READ MORE

Photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Sean Feucht Announces ‘Hold The Line’ Rally In Front Of Disney World In Florida


After successfully holding a massive rally against the Walt Disney Company early this month, "Let Us Worship" Founder Sean Feucht announced the next Hold The Line rally in Florida on May 16. READ MORE

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