MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell took to social media on Wednesday out of his frustration for being canceled by Walmart in their stores.

The Daily Mail explained that the Facebook livestream was a simultaneous broadcast of Mike Lindell's discussion with Steve Bannon on the Real America's Voice show. Lindell, after recalling his relationship with Walmart over the years, narrated how he got canceled by the company through an online call he had from their vice president. The unnamed vice president told him they are removing the products from their shelves due to poor sales and product rating.

MyPillow Canceled Anew

As per CBN News, Lindell has previously spoken with the vice president and told him to lower the pillow's prices to help increase the sales. The CEO called a week later and was told that they are dropping MyPillow due to a poor rating of 3.8, which is below their standard of four. He was surprised that there was even a rating system that Walmart said they launched several years ago. He contested the matter stating that their sales were at an all-time high.

'''We're not ever having MyPillow again. You don't make the rating of a four.' I go, 'What rating system? 'What are you talking about? You do realize bots and trolls attack all the time.' He goes, 'Well, no, we're canceling MyPillow,'" Lindell recounted

"I said, 'you're a liar, you're canceling MyPillow. You should be ashamed of yourself and you're going to be all over the news and you guys made your bed. I will never go back to Walmart again," he continued.

The Hill reported that Lindell was so mad about the matter he slammed his computer shut after he said goodbye in the call. The CEO is raging about the matter because it will cost him a "$10 million hit." He highlighted that the vice president had a smirk on his face during the call.

According to the media outlet, they got in touch with Walmart on Thursday for comments on the matter. Walmart confirmed they are pulling MyPillow's products from their shelves but will continue to sell them on their website.

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Mike Lindell's Experience On Being Canceled

Walmart is the newest addition to a list of companies that have ceased to offer MyPillow's products after Lindell became controversial for his support of former President Donald Trump during the 2020 elections. Eighteen companies have previously dropped MyPillow's products. These are Dollar General, ShopHQ, Mattress Firm, Kohl's, Kroger, BJ's Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, TSC/The Shopping Channel, H-E-B, Affirm, Fingerhut, Kinney Drugs, Colony Brands, Bluestream, Coborn's,, and JCP.

Lindell was sued for defamation by several voting systems companies over his claims of election fraud they committed. The CEO similarly filed counter lawsuits and even came out with a book on being canceled after joining an integrity caucus of 50 legislators against election fraud.

In August last year, Lindell launched a $50 million reward for anyone to prove the "irrefutable" evidence he has gathered on election fraud was untrue. The reward was in line with his "cyber symposium" where he released to those present the data he gathered on 2020's election fraud.

The CEO was also canceled on social media, particularly by Twitter, which banned him out of posting false claims about the election results.

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