A family set to have a vacation in New Jersey came home to Union, Maine on Tuesday devastated by the sudden loss of their 18-year-old son but filled with faith in the goodness of God.

NJ.Com reported that 18-year-old Levi Caverly dug a 10-feet hole on the sands of Ocean Beach III in Toms River, New Jersey with his 17-year-old sister using Frisbees. The hole suddenly collapsed and fell on them. First responders from Toms River and nearby towns were immediately on the scene that afternoon. They were able to rescue his sister who suffered minor injuries but took almost three hours to recover Levi's lifeless body.

A Miracle At Jersey Shore

Levi's father, Todd, expressed his shock and grief in a series of posts on Facebook on Tuesday evening. The architectural photographer also testified to his faith in God in the face of his family's great loss.

"We always know that we are not promised tomorrow, but we act like we are. God is good. He did a miracle today. I just don't understand His ways. Go hug and love your family," Todd shared.

"The sun still rises. David said 'my life is but a vapor.' We are so small, yet we can know God, and be known by Him. The last sermon that we heard as a family was Hebrews 2:1-4. Friends do not neglect or drift from the most important decision of this life. Your world can be forever changed in a second, with no warning, and no second chance. Do not neglect your salvation," he added the next morning.

Todd then disclosed plans to come home that Wednesday and be with their church family that night, which happened to be the West Rockport Baptist Church. The grieving father thanked those who were praying for them and urged them to continue doing so. He concluded the post by stating his inexpressible love for his son.

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Meanwhile, Levi's mother, Angela, told NJ.com that her daughter is physically okay and would even help drive them home that Wednesday. Angela said they rented a house in Toms River days earlier so they could be close to the beach, which is where they spent most of their afternoon moments before the accident. The grieving mother similarly expressed gratitude to those who helped in the rescue. She stressed that she knows Jesus is with them in their grief and smiling down on them.

A Fatal Jersey Shore Accident Unfolds A Testimonial Of Faith

According to Todd, Levi is an odd and quirky youth who is unconcerned with what others thought. Levi knew Jesus Christ and was involved in their church's worship team, particularly as a drummer for the young adult's worship band. Levi is also said to be a tech nut who loved to program.

Todd said Levi knew Matthew 6:25-34, which speaks of God's providence. He pointed to the truth in Scripture on the shortness of a person's life and that there is nothing one can do to add a single hour to one's life.

Reacting to the news of Levi's death, evangelist Franklin Graham praised Todd and Angela's biblical perspective of their grief and loss. Graham expressed amazement in their testimony. The evangelist said this is a reminder that no one knows how much time left one really has on earth. He stressed the importance of repentance, faith, and trust in Jesus Christ as one steps into eternity before he asked the public to pray for the Caverlys.

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