Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell vowed to file charges against the state of Louisiana for the unlawful arrests made to him during the height of the pandemic.

The Christian Post reported that Pastor Tony Spell declared his plans during Sunday's worship. The media outlet highlighted that the pastor called his victory a bad day for Satan, tyranny, communism, and socialism but a landmark day for God's Holy Word, the United States and its Constitution, and for freedom of religion.

Pastor Tony Spell Celebrates Victory

Spell, who became controversial for disobeying Governor John Bel Edward's COVID-19 restrictions for indoor gatherings, celebrated the state's Supreme Court decision in his favor. Spell condemned the state and called everything they did to him wrong. The pastor raised that his case now serves as a precedent on religious liberty in the country, setting the standard for future generations.

"We're filing this week for wrongful arrests, forbidden to leave the front door of our house, ankle bracelet, the shame, the humility, the damage, irreparable damage done to us, so we're going after them now," Spell said.

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled last Friday, May 13, that the state's restrictions violated the pastor's fundamental right to exercise religion, making it unconstitutional. KPLCTV said Louisiana Supreme Court Justice William J. Crain highlighted in his 19-page ruling that the state can not prove there is a greater risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus in large church gatherings than in airports or office buildings.

In the opinion, the justices noted that Spell was not asking for special treatment but for equal treatment. Shreveport Times explained that the majority of justices discovered there was inadequate consideration given by Edwards to religious groups when he limited gatherings initially to 50 people and then to 10 people on March 10, 2020. The justices highlighted that the First Amendment can not be relegated in the face of a public health emergency, such that its infringement must strictly be scrutinized by courts.

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The State's Communications and Special Projects Deputy Chief of Staff Christina Stephens said Edwards accepted the court's ruling despite disagreeing. The governor maintains that his executive orders during the pandemic were meant to protect public health and to save lives, considering there were 17,000 Louisianans who died because of COVID and must never be forgotten.

Stephens stressed that the governor has always recognized the importance of worship places and has kept them open during the height of the pandemic following services are held as safely as possible.

Meanwhile, the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office criticized the court's decision and defended the state's obligation to protect the public and rule of law. The DA Office also favored the dissenting opinion of the court's chief justice as more correct, pointing to evolving jurisprudence and scientific understanding of health and public safety issues implicated by the executive orders of the governor.

Pastor Tony Spell & His Unlawful Arrest

Spell was arrested in 2020 after refusing to heed warnings from the state to stop holding large services in his church located in Baton Rouge, which was attended by 1,000 people each service. His arrest warrant was issued due to accusations of improper backing of a vehicle during a Sunday incident and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Spell, the man he tried to backup using the church bus had been shouting vulgarities and shooting people with obscene finger gestures when he tried to ask him to leave. Spell said he was pulling from his bus route at that time after picking up children from the school for feeding. Footages taken of the incident showed Spell stopping a few feet away from the protester outside the church after backing the church bus.

The pastor was released a few days later and raved online regarding his arrest as a matter borne by his continued church service and not for the "trumped-up charges" against him. He stressed then that he will not give up his right to preach the word of God.

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