Reinforcing the truth that propaganda lurks behind the LGBTQ+ community's celebration of Pride Month every June, a prominent theologian pointed out its dangers to Christians during his June 7 podcast of "The Briefing."

The Consequences Faithful Christians Face

The Christian Headlines said Southern Baptist theologian Albert Mohler stressed during the podcast that LGBTQ+ moral revolutionaries will be forcing Christians to make life-changing decisions against their faith. Mohler cited the case of the Tampa Bay Ray pitchers that the New York Times criticized for declining to wear LGBTQ+ Pride jerseys and hats because doing so contradicted their Christian beliefs. The Times said the pitchers' actions were an attempt at inclusion and it was something they have no right opting-out from.

Mohler stressed the truth in Carl Trueman's words in his op-ed on Pride Month being an effort to force a moral agenda--said to be the new moral metaphysic--on every one. The theologian said the danger it entails is that these moral revolutionaries push the propaganda in public conversation. He then urged Christians to resist this new morality.

"And the Pride advocates, trying to bring about their own moral revolution, have been stunningly successful. And one indication of that is the fact that no one can really avoid or, for that matter, Christians, no one should avoid talking about these issues at the very time we are being told we have to adopt to the new morality, the one thing Christians cannot do, the one thing we must clearly resist and make fundamentally clear as we are trying to be faithful in the midst of an increasingly rebellious society," Mohler said.

Mohler clarified that there is nothing wrong with a person working for a company that has pro-gay rights. But it is a different story when a company mandates an individual to make "a moral declaration of agreement and solidarity" on something contrary to one's moral judgment. He emphasized the need of a Christian to learn to discern not to go beyond the line of positive declaration.

The moral revolutionaries, Mohler disclosed, are now going to each business-including small companies-demanding that it is not enough for them to allow and accept members of the LGBTQ+ community to work for them, they mandate that such companies participate and support LGBTQ+ activities and agenda. The revolutionaries are perpetually unsatisfied that they even go on to condemn those who do not comply to their demands because of conscience as a "bad person holding to bad religion."

Mohler highlighted that this is what Christians nowadays are up against and it is important to recognize it. He noted that there is a lot of work that needs to be done, which should begin with a better understanding of these issues before one can even face them. This first step is important for one to help other Christians what challenges come when they live their faith accordingly.

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The LGBTQ+ Moral Revolutionaries In Action

In concluding, Mohler identified that there will be a lot of losses should one decide to become a faithful Christian. This includes the loss of a job, an educational opportunity, and social standing. He underscored that the battle now at workplaces is not a matter of one's capability but whether one is adhering to the moral revolution message, which is contrary to the Bible.

The moral revolutionaries have already confused society, especially students. Politico reported that Oral Roberts University student Andrew Hartzler has filed a lawsuit against his school for not allowing him to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Hartzler cited an incident when the Oral Roberts University President William M. Wilson spoke of the Bible condemning sexual relations between two men as detestable and punishable by death.

Hartzler also raised that the school's honor code punishes a student with expulsion for being gay. Hartzler waited after graduation before he joined a class-action lawsuit against the school for violation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

While the Intelligencer called Republicans' effort to protect children from the LGBTQ+ ideology through bills banning discussions on gender identity and sexual orientation a mere right-wing conspiracy that intends to "confine the movement to the fringes of American politics."

This is on top of "Movement Memos" Podcast Host Kelly Hayes claiming trans youth are under the attack of a "fascist 'moral battering ram.'" Hayes raised that this attack is blind-sided by the media and liberals amidst a looming midterm election. The podcaster explained that trans youth face violent and dehumanizing laws for a couple of years.

The said Republican laws, such as Florida's Parental Rights In Education Act, have received national scrutiny for allegedly being discriminatory to the LGBTQ+ community. The Parental Rights In Education Act or H.B. 1557, which was tagged by liberals as the"Don't Say Gay" bill. The criticisms against the law comes in the face of a majority of parents supporting it.

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