A three-year-old boy from Bull Lake Valley, Montana was "miraculously" found 48 hours being reported missing.

KTVQ called the discovery of Ryker Webb a "stroke of luck" and a "miraculous story of survival" in Montana's woods where wild bears and lions often roam. Webb was found safe though starving but ABC 7 said medics assured the public that Webb is going to be okay.

A Toddler Roaming In The Woods

According to ABC News, a couple found the child near the shed in their cabin, which they visited on Sunday. Today highlighted that the cabin was 2 miles from Webb's home. Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short revealed to ABC News that the couple heard a whimper in the shed so they checked on it. The couple then found a child in a lawnmower bag.

"So they went to the shed and there he was," Short said.

Short said he found Webb to be visibly shaken when he arrived in the couple's cabin. The sheriff believes that Webb may have stayed in the cabin the whole time since he was reported missing. He shared that there is a probability the child slept within the lawnmower bag beginning Friday evening.

"He was very, very scared," Short emphasized.

As per the sheriff, Webb had a wide-eyed scared look all the time and it only disappeared when he reunited with his parents. He recounted that the child's face only lit up when he was asked if he wants to be with his "mom and pop."

Short also disclosed that they are currently investigating how Webb got to the cabin from his home. He said he already asked the toddler several questions including how he got there. The little boy responded that he took a long walk by himself and got tired afterward. The sheriff added that they are looking at the possibility of negligence and endangerment in Webb's family even after Child Protective Services have checked on Webb.

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The Difficult Search For A Missing Toddler

In a news release posted Sunday on Facebook, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office recounted that they received a possible missing child report from Webb's concerned neighbor last Friday. The Sheriff's Office deputies and the David Thompson Search and Rescue responded immediately to investigate the matter. The deputies discovered that Webb had been missing for two hours at that time.

The red-head, blue-eyed toddler was last seen that Friday afternoon playing in the yard outside of their home with their family's dog.

The poor weather that afternoon stopped search operations that included dog teams, several drones, ATVs, ground searchers, and Bear Airs. The Montana Air National Guard continued the search on Saturday aboard helicopters coupled with Flathead County's drones.

Spokane Police also responded by providing additional dogs to the search team on the ground. But the dense vegetation, low visibility, rain, and low ceiling compounded to make the search difficult that a Code Red Alert was sent to all neighbors and a missing person report was sent nationwide.

By Sunday, a total of 53 personnel were searching for the child. The Sheriff's Office received a call from Pine Ridge Road in Sanders County about a little child. The deputies then went to the location and confirmed that it was indeed Webb.

As per the deputies, Webb "was in good spirits and apparently healthy, although hungry, thirsty, and cold." The deputies called in the Bull Lake Volunteer Ambulance who transported Web to the Cabinet Peaks Medical Center for evaluation after their assessment of the child's situation.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office ended their news release with a list of institutions, organizations, and churches, that helped in the search and provided support and meals.

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