The 38-year-old Georgia-based comedian, John Crist, makes a comeback in the limelight through a YouTube special released last week.

A Christian Comedian Returns

John Crist, a Pollstar Top 100 Global Tours lister for four consecutive weeks in 2019 with his "Human Being Tour" 197,000 ticket sales, released the World Premier of his exclusive special comedy series, "John Crist: What Are We Doing?" in YouTube last June 1.

The Christian Post highlighted that the comedy special is the first in three years since Crist's Netflix show was canceled due to sexual harassment charges. While Crist's publisher, WaterBrook, axed his about-to-be-released book, "Untag Me: The Subtle Art of Appearing Better Than You Really Are." The controversy also pushed Crist to cancel his 2019 tour dates, Charisma News said.

According to its synopsis, the comedy special was filmed at Alabama's Lyric Theater. The special presents the frustrations the comedian experienced from ordering at McDonald's to the perplexities of parking spots for expectant mothers, among a hoard of other things in life.

Crist made a pun on his life experiences in the premiere episode, using his renowned self-deprecating antics. Crist recounted being asked by his father to pop the hood but mistakenly popped the trunk. His father also told him "to go get the Phillips (screwdriver) but he "came back with the neighbors" instead.

The pastor's son also shared his funny perspective of the world, citing an experience he had on the Nile River while in Egypt. Crist highlighted that it was a very significant, spiritual moment for him until the tourist guide spoke on doing baptisms, to which he rebutted if he has seen the river.

"I love Jesus but my health insurance deductible is $4,000. I'm not trying to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and tuberculosis. I ain't Methodist, but I am today, sprinkle me," Crist recounted telling the guide.

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The premiere episode has been viewed 520,434 times with 13,000 likes and 794 comments, most of which express appreciation for his "comic genius." One non-Christian viewer, Your Wrong, pointed out the comedian's extraordinary talent, which is a serious matter worth speaking about.

"In a society now, where too many people view Christians as weird or not normal, John should be plastered everywhere and simply added, nope Christians are normal too," Wrong said.

A Christian Comedian In His Darkest

According to various reports, Crist was accused by several women of inappropriate sexual advances, including sexting relationships and eliciting sexual favors through free tickets. The comedian admitted to the accusations, as well as, being a sex addict. He then underwent rehab, where treatment and process helped him realize a lot of things about his personal behavior.

Crist was grateful for being exposed for his addiction and misbehavior believing something worse could have happened to him if not for the controversy. The comedian also revealed experiencing the love of God and His forgiveness during those moments.

Two years after rehab, Crist revealed that the love and prayers he received from people are helping him through the process of treatment he is undergoing. He later disclosed wanting to commit suicide during his fourth month in rehab because of the shame he felt for what he has done.

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