A newborn baby boy wrapped in a garbage bag and thrown in a dumpster in Iran's capital of Tehran was rescued by a Good Samaritan last week.

The New York Post reported that the video of the baby's discovery and rescue has gone viral. The media outlet said the garbage man was working in the neighborhood of Nazi Abad on May 25 when he heard muffled breathing inside a dumpster on a public pavement.

Abandoned Baby Saved By Good Samaritan

The video, uploaded by Newsflash, opens with a plastic bag taken out of a huge street garbage bin by a man in jeans and black rubber shoes but whose face is excluded in the video's frame. The man then moves to put the plastic bag down on the street pavement where other people could be seen standing.

The scene focuses on the plastic bag that the man opens quickly but carefully revealing a newborn baby. The cries of the infant could be heard as soon as the bag was opened. While the child's arms and legs could be seen stretching after being coiled up from within the black and plastic bags that held it.

The man continued to peel away the plastic to help the child breathe better. Then the cries of the shocked bystanders could be heard after seeing the blood-soaked infant. Iran Front Page highlighted that the infant still had his umbilical cord.

Newsflash said the man then called for help from local emergency services, who cleaned the infant and wrapped him in a comfortable blanket when they arrived. The emergency responders brought the baby to the Amir al Momenin Hospital, which is nearby. The baby is now in a stable condition as local authorities conduct an investigation on the matter.

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Abandoned Baby Phenomenon Pushed By Poverty

Child abandonment is said to be increasing in Iran as more parents are gripped by poverty. Recent data (2018) show 1,000 children under the age of three are abandoned annually in Iran. The heinous act is said to be a global phenomenon.

Last April, a young woman in Mexico was caught on video throwing her child into the dumpster. The incident has reportedly prompted the community to install a "baby box" for those intending to do the same.

Fewer incidents, however, have been reported in the United States such as the incident in Georgia two years ago. The newborn baby girl was discovered by the local sheriff.

More frequent news are incidents of aborted babies being discovered in dumpsters just like last April in Washington D.C. Five full-term aborted babies were discovered by activists near an abortion facility, prompting an investigation

Live Action reported that the largest baby found among the five from DC was a boy at 28-32 weeks gestation. The boy is fully formed as a newborn as shown by photos and videos taken of him--complete with face, toes, and fingers except for some parts of his skin that appear to be macerated, as per Dr. Kathi Aultman in an interview with the pro-life organization. While the rest of the babies were either malformed as though pressed and others were chopped into parts.

The most historic of such discoveries are the 13 aborted babies discovered outside the Robbindale Family Clinic 35 years ago.

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