A former Navy SEAL pointed to Jesus and the country's biblical foundations as the sure solution to end the recurrence of violent tragedies such as the Uvalde, Texas massacre.

An Ex-Navy SEAL Testifies To His Faith

In a CBN News virtual interview held last May 28, Senior Writer Billy Hallowell asked Able Shepherd Founder Jimmy Graham what he believes is the most effective means for preventing mass shootings. Hallowell acknowledged Graham's expertise on the matter since these are cases he has seen happened and has been successful at thwarting.

"Jesus," Graham said while nodding his head with conviction.

"If you're asking me if you're like I tell people--if you want a different answer, as a different guy. There are biblical foundations that built this nation. They're proven to work and we've chosen not to use them. There's nothing wrong with the plan, we just didn't do it right," he added.

Graham said if viewers and listeners find Jesus does not work for them, then words connoting values such as light versus dark and love over hate might make them perceive it sustainably. The former Navy SEAL said leaving these words of value may create a world such listeners and viewers may not want to live in. But when these words of value are modeled, when the truth is spoken it gathers people together. This is why, he stressed, there's a need to return to "our values."

Prior to being asked about the solution, Hallowell synthesized Graham's message throughout the interview on preparedness for such unexpected situations wherever one may be, especially at church, in a supermarket, or in school. Graham confirmed the need for preparedness and also highlighted the reality that amidst continuing to build a "higher" nation, America's foundation is being chipped away, such that what is happening now in society are but the repercussions of doing so.

Graham clarified he is not a "Doomsday" guy yet alluded to reading the book of Revelation, which he said is being lived now and will be won. But he said the end is coming just like any emergency that one needs to be prepared and responsible for. He underscored that the present times show the erosion of values borne from the decision of a society that tells God they don't care what He thinks but are going to live according to what they want.

"We've got an entire society that has really been telling its young people that you know they're the only truth they ever need. They get to decide what they want to believe," Graham emphasized.

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An Ex-Navy SEAL Shepherding Society From Danger

Graham, who has various certifications as a SEAL including Sniper and Master Training Specialist, agreed on the possibility that what is happening in the country is just the beginning of the effects of having such a worldview. He stressed that consequences are coming in the same way that society has not fully felt the effects of COVID and the social problems Americans caused. He then went on to beg that people return to the nation's foundational values since he loves the country and it breaks his heart to see what's happening.

In 2012, Graham founded Able Shepherd with his wife after he completed military service, which included serving in Afghanistan and Benghazi, Libya. Able Shepherd is an organization that conducts reality-based simunition training of players meant to guide, and protect communities from dangerous situations. He then became a community safety fellow at Colorado Christian University's Centennial Institute last year.

Graham was also interviewed by Fox 31 on Thursday regarding the Uvalde mass shootings where he stressed that his organization will do all they can to prevent the tragedy from happening again. Graham said this would be through their continuous training. He said stationing officers in schools require more than providing them handguns but equipping them with the right training necessary to neutralize a threat when it happens.

Recent updates on the Uvalde shooting investigation show that a Robb Elementary School resource officer encountered gunman Salvador Ramos as he entered the school. The officer was able to force Ramos to drop a backpack filled with ammunition, which Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant Chris Olivarez said prevented more casualties that could have taken place.

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