To exert its dominance in world power, the Chinese government carried out a night raid on Monday for six hours over Taiwan.

The South China Morning Post reported that the military exercise was part of the supervisory operations of the Eastern Theatre Command of the People's Liberation Army across Taiwan and the East China Sea. The drill involved 10 bombers who flew in pairs equipped with weapons.

China's Night Drills A Reaction To Biden's Warning

The New York Times reported that China announced last May 25 that the drills will be organized to bluntly send a message to the United States over its Taiwan "collusion." The announcement came after President Joe Biden remarked that the U.S. government is willing to be involved militarily should China invade Taiwan.

"That's the commitment we made...We support the One-China policy. But it does not mean that China has the jurisdiction to take over Taiwan," Biden said.

While Nikkei Asia said Biden's comment come as a dual warning meant to maintain the status quo between Taiwan and China.

Asia expert and "The Coming Collapse Of China" author Gordon Chang stressed in an interview with EWTN's "The World Over" on Thursday that the series of military activities the Chinese government is undertaking in Taiwan was a form of intimidation.

"China wants to intimate Taiwan and they also want to intimidate the United States. We saw these last week when China did something even worse with Russia. It flew nuclear-capable bombers around Tokyo while Biden and other leaders were having their meeting. China at this point is not trying to persuade anybody, it's just trying to force them into compliance," Chang said.

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China's Intended Taiwan Invasion Intensified By Russian Invasion

China started making a move on Taiwan during the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February. The frequency of their military exercises has already decreased to 39 Chinese aircrafts flying near Taiwan in January. But this changed in February when China flew eight Chinese J-16 fighters and one Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft near Pratas Islands, which was controlled by Taiwan. Taiwan reported recently that there have been 465 incursions from China, which is a 65% increase compared to the same period last year.

News on China's plan to invade Taiwan surfaced last year in April. The United States military warned about it after discovering the communist country has "ramped up military operations in the Taiwan Strait." News on the matter was denied by the Chinese Communist Party.

However, last March, data presented by the United States' National Intelligence Director Avril Haines highlighted China's accumulation of "massive nuclear weapons" that included "hundreds of new strategic missiles." Haines said China President Xi Jinping's accumulation of nuclear weaponry is designed for a Taiwan invasion.

Last week, an audio clip leaked revealing China's plan to invade Taiwan soon. The clip detailed how China intends to safeguard the Guangdong Province's Pearl River Delta area when it executes its military operation against Taiwan. The clip involved a meeting of PLA's Major General Zhou He and high officials of the Guangdong Province who discussed the execution of the war that depended on vital industries.

On Monday, China also presented a plan involving its interest in the Pacific, particularly with 10 nations that endorse a series of new agreements from fisheries to security issues. The plan is seen as an effort to bring the threat of a "cold war," as per Micronesia Federal States President David Panuelo. The plan is also seen as a threat to religious freedom since most of the nations in the Pacific are Christian.

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