Movie producer and Pastor Samuel Rodriguez raised the need to go beyond the politics on the issue of gun violence and instead address the core of the issue: male brokenness.

What Is The Christian Response?

In an interview with CBN's "Faith VS Culture," Pastor Samuel Rodriguez provided several solutions to the problem of gun violence in the country. Rodriguez said that there are common-sense solutions to the problem such as red flag laws on gun control, addressing the mental health issues-where law enforcement revokes licenses from those with mental health issues-and using algorithms on social media to track those who post pictures of their guns and state they will kill somebody.

But the gist of Rodriguez's suggestions stressed on the fourth solution, which is addressing the brokenness among young American men. The TV personality pointed out that mass shootings are not done by young women but by young men.

"We have right now, as a nation, as a culture--we're going down this rabbit hole of darkness...I think we need to do better as a family, as Christians...we need to address this together, come together as a people of faith," Rodriguez said.

"We need to address the brokenness of young men in see young men are in trouble...but it has to be done in a comprehensive way," he added.

The author of "Persevere With Power" underscored that attempting to ban guns won't solve the problem, as well as, banning knives and bombs. This is so because "evil will always find a way to cause destruction. It's not an issue of guns. It's an issue of darkness."

Pastor Points To The Failure Of Christian Communities

In line with this, Rodriguez said the issue won't be solved in a matter of rhetorics. The renowned social activist said the country's Founding Fathers were wise to enshrine the Second Amendment and it is a right that must be protected for one intending to secure the safety of one's family.

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Rodriguez then went on to say that what happened, especially with the Uvalde Massacre, should draw all Christians to a moment of reflection. The solution to the issue of darkness is to bring the Light Of The World, who is Jesus Christ. Christians then, being followers of the Light, should be the light in this world.

The pastor emphasized the darkness pervades because Christians are not being the light they should be in this world. He said this is a matter most true to Christian leaders, who should reflect how they are preaching and living the light to the communities they serve. He said one should ask whether Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old gunman of the Uvalde Massacre, had a community that could have provided him the light he needed. He said Ramos was possessed not by love, peace, and joy but by darkness.

"Now we really have to ask ourselves where in the world is the Light?...What are we doing to push back the violence and pain of darkness...It's a wake-up call for the church," Rodriguez highlighted.

Rodriquez's words echo the statements of First Christian Church Rev. David Wilson Rogers, who stressed that compassion and prayer should go hand in hand to address gun violence as a Christian.

Similarly, Baptist News Global Contributor Laura Ellis resounded Rodriguez's suggestion by highlighting that the church can learn from gun violence. Ellis raised when will the decades long violence involving students in schools end. Ellis said that the church now is in an opportune situation to provide comfort to those grieving and angered by these tragedies through a "ministry of presence."

Baptist News Senior Columnist Bill Leonard also urged American churches to work together to come out with a nonviolent Gospel response to the mass shootings, including asserting a national moratorium to enshrine a true Christian witness against American churches' "collective hypocrisy."

Previously, First Baptist Pastor YJ Jimenez of Texas raised that children unchecked of their bitter emotions end up becoming perpetrators of pain and destruction like Ramos.

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