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Anton Carillo

See No Evil

Overwhelmed By Sexual Sins? Here's How To Fight Back


In a world flooded by sensual imagery and messages from television to the big screen and social media, Christians are encouraged by various religious authorities that there is a way to fight back from falling into sexual sins.READ MORE

Kimberly Elise

Actress Faces Backlash For Praising God Over Roe V. Wade Reversal


Christian actress Kimberly Elise received heavy criticism from pro-choice advocates after she praised God for the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.READ MORE

Pope Francis is known as the most progressive pope compared to his predecessors especially with his recent determination to make more progressive advancements.

Pope Francis Dismisses Rumors On Resignation


The Catholic Church's highest official laughed off rumors that he is planning to resign any time soon and instead revealed plans lined up in the upcoming months.READ MORE

Actor Jon Voight speaking with Tucker Carlson

Jon Voight Declares Biden 'Must Be Impeached'


Academy Award actor Jon Voight released a video on Twitter on Tuesday calling for unity to reclaim America's greatness by impeaching President Joe Biden.READ MORE

Pro-choice abortion protest

Video Of 'Possessed' Pro-Choice Activist Trends On Twitter

The video of a pro-choice activist who calls herself Mama B Energy (@mamabenergy) continues to circulate online more than a week after it was uploaded on TikTok as a reaction to the United States Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade last June 24.READ MORE

old Bible with markings

Anxious? Hold On To These Bible Verses During Uncertain Times


Christian online influencers share Bible verses they found useful during challenging or uncertain times.READ MORE

cross pendant and Bible

Exorcism Cases On The Rise As More Dabble With The Occult In Difficult Times


V1 Church Senior Pastor Mike Signorelli of New York City highlighted in a recent podcast the notable increase in exorcisms, which he said are due to New Age practices encouraged by businesses.READ MORE

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Centers To Expand Operations Despite Continued Vandalism And Pro-Choice Activists Attack


Christian pregnancy centers across the country have conveyed plans to expand their services despite the continued attacks from pro-choice activists days after the United States Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade.READ MORE

Men talking Bible study

Man Admits Committing Abortion With Girlfriend In The Hope Others Will Avoid Making The Same 'Mistake'


Men are now coming to the surface and engaging in the conversation on abortion, with one of them warning others not to commit the same mistake.READ MORE

Gov. Kristi Noem

'God Loves Farmers More Than Anybody Else': Governor Recounts How Life In The Farm Impassioned Her For Children, Agriculture


In an exclusive interview for her new book, "Not My First Rodeo," South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem shared the story behind her passion for life, children, and agriculture that has brought her often into the spotlight as a politician.READ MORE


Are You Spiritually Healthy? Here Are Ways To Check If You Are


Experts highlight the importance of regularly checking on one's spiritual health so that Christians are on track to becoming true followers of Jesus Christ.READ MORE

hush silenced censor censored quiet

Pro-Life Organization Challenges Churches To Talk About Abortion To Help Women Heal


A pro-life organization raised that the hot topic of abortion must be discussed within church circles to augment the healing of women who have undergone the procedure, as well as, to prevent others from doing so.READ MORE

Health Care

States Expand Health Coverage For Mothers After Banning Abortions, Amidst Pro-Choice Facilities' Closure


Ripple effects of the United States Supreme Court decision overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday were immediately seen across the country with states banning abortions alongside implementing extended healthcare programs for pregnant women and prompting abortion facilities to cease operations.READ MORE

Woman Praying

Here Are The Women We Need To Pray For In Light Of Roe V. Wade’s Demise


Christians know the power of prayer in addressing turbulent times, like what is presently happening in the country now further divided on the issue of abortion.READ MORE

Abortion Rioters Damage Portland Businesses

Pregnancy Center Damaged By Rioters After Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe V. Wade


A mob of pro-choice protesters marched through Portland's Hollywood District on Saturday evening destroying several properties including a pregnancy center.READ MORE

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