Christian pregnancy centers across the country have conveyed plans to expand their services despite the continued attacks from pro-choice activists days after the United States Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade.

Religion News reported that Women's Choice Network Executive Director Amy Scheuring revealed plans are underway once Pennsylvania adopts more restrictive laws on abortion. Scheuring, a Network of Life author, highlighted that part of their plans is to increase advertising for abortion pill reversal and focus on post-abortion care services such as counseling and emotional support.

Pregnancy Centers Moving Forward With Expansion

Scheuring explained they are devising "Christ-like" responses to support women in crisis in the event a total ban is implemented. This means they are willing to assist clients who may or may not opt-out of abortion. He commented on recent protests against centers like his as becoming more "dark, violent, and threatening."

"We're very aware that there is a side that has rage and anger right now, and they're pointing it toward these centers. But it's something we feel is collateral damage. Along with this great decision, there's going to be backlash," Scheuring said.

While Mountain Area Pregnancy Services in Asheville, North Carolina conveyed hopes of supporting a foster care program in their locality. Mountain Area, which has a partnership of 100 churches locally, was vandalized by pro-choice activists in early June. This left the center's windows shattered, the door broken, and the sidewalk spray-painted with red graffiti.

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services Executive Director Kristi Brown told Religion News they intend to increase staff and machinery once the influx of clients comes from closed abortion clinics. Brown shared that the vandalism has not prevented staff from reporting to the center.

The CEO raised that the "need for workers in the field and the need for support is just beginning." She called on pro-life Christians to volunteer in local pregnancy centers, to provide support through donations, and to "get out and vote" in the midterm elections. She also urged churches to become more welcoming as many women in crisis require more focus and support in the coming days.

CompassCare, whose Buffalo branch was firebombed and vandalized by Jane's Revenge on June 7, also shared that they intend to move forward despite the extensive damage left by pro-choice extremists. CompassCare CEO James Harden shared that repairs for the Buffalo branch involve thousands of dollars but they are not afraid.

"We believe God is our protector and provider, but we will keep moving forward. We're not going to be afraid because God tells us to fear him only," Harden said.

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In the light of Roe v. Wade's reversal, Harden pointed out the great opportunity pregnancy centers like him have to reach out to more clients who now have lesser access to abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood announced over the weekend that its clinics are closing across the country due to the Supreme Court decision. Other abortion providers have similarly announced relocating or ceasing operations until they have clarified legally to what extent they can open shop.

"For pro-life pregnancy centers, we for the first time have the opportunity to compete head-on with this billion-dollar abortion business," Harden stressed.

Harden went on to emphasize that despite pro-choice facilities closing in states with a total or stricter ban on abortion, "the war is not over." The CEO pointed out that the "abortion lines have simply shifted" and moved to states allowing abortions. He explained that it is in these states that pregnancy centers are more vulnerable to attack.

Pregnancy Centers Facing Pro-Choice Activists' Attacks

According to Fox News' "The Five," pro-choice activists have responded to more violence after Roe v. Wade was officially declared by the Supreme Court as not a constitutional right. The media outlet cited pro-abortion extremists torching a Colorado pregnancy center that they vandalized with, "if abortions aren't safe, you aren't either."

This is alongside pro-choice protesters in Phoenix, Arizona needing to be pacified with tear gas to be dispatched. The group of rioters included a man who used a makeshift flame thrower against a law enforcer, who is filing charges for attempted murder. The rioters also managed to hostage legislators in the state capitol who got out after the tear gas cleared.

Several attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and Catholic churches were reported in California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, and New York, the Catholic News Agency said. In particular, this included Philadelphia's St. Patrick Catholic Church, Kansas' St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church, Oregon's All Saints Catholic Church, and California's Option's Health mobile pregnancy clinic, which were all attacked on June 25, a day after the Roe reversal.

Then there's California's Women's Friend Pregnancy Resource, which was heavily vandalized on June 27. This excludes Salt Lake City's Pregnancy Resource Center, which was vandalized hours after the Supreme Court decision was released.

The attacks on Catholic churches, pro-life organizations, and pregnancy centers began two months ago when Politico managed to get hold of the Supreme Court draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case, which challenged the constitutionality of Mississippi's Gestational Age Act. The law bans abortions for 15 weeks of pregnancy and beyond. Politico published the opinion on May 2 causing a nationwide clamor between pro-choice and pro-life parties.

Fox News clarified that the justices did not say abortion was unconstitutional and illegal, they only declared it was never a right indicated in the constitution. The exercise of Democracy is given back to the people who decide the issue on abortion in their states.

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