Biblical experts identified the Christian response in the event Roe v. Wade gets overturned by the United States Supreme Court when it releases its pending decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case any time soon.

"Slow To Write" Blogger Samuel Sey, renowned for using biblical theology to address social issues including politics, condemned in an op-ed in The Christian Post Voices the leaked draft opinion of the Supreme Court on the Dobbs v. Jackson case. The opinion, written by Associate Justice Samuel Alito on behalf of four other judges, was published by Politico on May 2 and is still under investigation by the court's officials on how it leaked to the public.

The incident, Sey said, is bittersweet for the draft contains an end to abortion being legal and gives American states the freedom to enact laws on abortion. Yet alongside that good news is a leak that, he pointed out, was designed to intimidate and pressure the court's conservative judges to change their votes.

The pressure is experienced in the form of threats on the lives of Supreme Court justices, such that security officials immediately barricaded the building of the judiciary after hundreds of abortion activists gathered there the very next day the leaked document was published. Sey highlighted that Democrats would only advocate a more radical response from pro-abortionists in an attempt to preserve their "most sacred ritual in their leftist religion."

On the other hand, Texas General Baptist Convention Christian Life Commission Associate Director Katie Fruge raised that the choice to abort "never occurs in a vacuum, and if Christians want to have a true impact on the issue of abortion" they have to "carefully work to eliminate why abortion seems the best choice, not merely make it an illegal choice."

Fruge, who has a personal experience of abortion through her sister who she accompanied to heal from the terrible experience, said that the Gospel witness demands Christians "prepare to rise to this occasion as a watching world looks to see how churches will respond if the laws they've so vocally called for and supported become a reality."

How then should Christians react if Roe v. Wade gets overturned? How does one witness the Gospel? Here are some aspects Sey and Fruge identified in their respective blog posts on the matter:

1. There's A Spiritiual Battle Going On

One thing Christians should be aware of, Sey underscored, is the reality that this culture war is but a reflection of an ongoing spiritual war.

"Therefore if you didn't know already--you're about to find out that the culture wars are just a proxy war of the spiritual war. We are not merely protecting babies from abortionists, we are protecting babies from Satan. We are not merely debating abortion with 'pro-choice' people, we are defending truth and justice against demonic deception and injustice," Sey said.

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Sey cited Ephesians 6:12, which mentions this spiritual battle. Sey explained that the battle on abortion is not just a battle with the Democrats, pro-choice activists, and the Leftists. It is a battle against a more powerful being, particularly Satan and his minions.

2. Christians Are Assured Of Victory

The blogger raised that there is nothing to fear, however, since God has won this battle. He then urged Christians to be strong in the Lord and to rely on God's strength. Christians can do this by putting on the armour of God to protect themselves from the evil one.

"He's wrestling against God. And he's already lost. He lost the wrestling match a long time ago. As James White said last night, 'The culture of death will scream into the night. But the mortal blow was dealt to it long ago when a large stone first began to roll away from a now empty tomb,'" Sey emphasized.

3. Christians Must Not Cease In Praying

In the face of this spiritual battle, Sey pointed to the power of prayer that Christians must not cease doing. He urged Christians to pray for the justices and their families, for justices not to waver in their decision to uphold life, for pro-life activists and politicians to be given wisdom, and for all those supporting abortions.

"Please pray for repentance and changed minds for pro-abortion justices, politicians, activists, and people considering abortions. Please pray for truth and peace in America. Please pray for repentance for apathetic Christians on abortion," Sey continued.

Sey went on to include praying for all unborn babies to be finally rescued from abortion. He also asked Christians to no to rest their hopes on "sinful judges." He explained that Christians should instead reast all their hopes on the one "sinless, unwavering, judge in the world" who is none other than Jesus Christ.

While Fruge added to pray also for local pregnancy centers, which are on the receiving end of so much anger and misinformation and whose volunteers and staff need encouragement.

4. No Need To Reinvent The Wheel

Fruge raised that churches have been partnering with crisis pregnancy centers and ministries for decades. Christians should support such undertakings by being involved in them. Involvement can come through financial support or by helping out through one's skills, interests, or passions. Helping one's church connect to ministries related to pregnancy ministries and making one's community more welcoming are some of the ideas Fruge suggested.

5. Be Guided By The Principles of Micah

On top of all one can do, Fruge pointed to the Prophet Micah who in Micah 6:8 points in the right direction on how Christians could work in a post-Roe world. This is by acting justly, loving kindly, and walking humbly.

Fruge underscored that the Bible repeatedly spoke of God calling on His people to protect and care for the vulnerable and marginalized, which extends to the unborn whose dignity and rights Christians advocate. To love with kindness translates to meeting "the moment of need in the mother's life" that is coupled with the wisdom sought out in humility from God on how to provide such women with a better choice for life.

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