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Anton Carillo

ROK Marines

US Marines Share How Important Faith Is For The Fight


Several members of the United States Marines disclosed in an interview that their faith in God helped them survive their boot camp and become part of the country's elite fighting force. READ MORE

burning fire flame

Texas Pastor Encourages Congregation In Moving Message After Church Building Burns Down


A pastor from Ranger, Texas delivered a very moving message on Sunday with the intent of reviving the hope of his congregation after their century-old church was destroyed by fire. READ MORE


Supreme Court Asked To Reject Biden Administration's Appeal Forcing Navy Seals To Get Vaccinated


A religious freedom advocate based in Texas sent an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in support of the Navy SEALS who have sought protection against President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. READ MORE

Why Did Christians Stay In Ukraine Amid War With Russia?

Ukrainian Women And Children Face Risk Of Trafficking Amid Russian Invasion


As millions of men leave their families behind once they reach the Polish border to return to Ukraine and fight in the war, a cardinal has warned on the risk women and children refugees face on being trafficked by opportunists. READ MORE

State Secretary Blinken: NATO Gave US 'Green Light' to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine, Putin Warns of Bigger War Over No-Fly Zone

Biden Admin Declares Myanmar's Treatment Of Rohingya Minority A 'Genocide'


The United States Department of State has declared the Rohingya victims of Myanmar's military as genocide during a formal announcement made by Secretary Antony Blinken on Monday. READ MORE

Adoption: Adopting kids via Lifeline Children's Services

Michigan Pays Catholic Adoption Agency $250,000 In Legal Fees For Forcing It To Violate Religious Beliefs


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services was ordered by a federal judge on Monday to pay $250,000 to a Catholic charities, which was forced to violate its religious beliefs.READ MORE

women enjoying

Church Makes Feminine Hygiene Products Accessible To Women Who Could Not Afford Them Amid Pandemic


Women reportedly had difficulty accessing feminine hygiene products during the pandemic, prompting Episcopal churches to offer it as part of their ministry.READ MORE


LGBTQ Community Protests Against Florida's Parental Education Act


A rally was held by the LGBTQ community on Saturday at Heartwood Soundstage in Gainsville, Florida to air their opposition to the state's Parental Education Act. READ MORE

Hot Meal

Church Meal Program Blocked By City Officials In Oregon


A city ordinance in Oregon has restricted a church from conducting its meal program for the homeless, prompting the latter to file a lawsuit for violating their religious freedom. READ MORE

View at Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building in Moscow, Russia at sunset

Evangelical Megachurch Pastor Calls Russia’s Putin The ‘New Hitler’ And ‘Gog’


A Texas pastor likened Russian President Vladimir Putin to Germany's Adolf Hitler and the biblical figure in Ezekiel 38, Gog, for being a very evil person.READ MORE

New born babies are forced to face abortion. 'genocide'

Florida Preemie Twins Born At 21 Weeks Miraculously Thriving


Twin baby girls born at 21 weeks and three days in Fort Myers, Florida were released from the Golisano Children's Hospital on Monday. READ MORE

couple looking at their unborn baby via ultrasound image

Renowned Singer Rebukes 'Rude, Cruel People' Against Her 11th Pregnancy


Rhythm-and-blues singer Keke Wyatt responded to Instagram followers who bashed her upcoming child diagnosed with a genetic disease.READ MORE

'The Chosen' Season 2

'The Chosen' Actor Jonathan Roumie Reveals Casting In Another Jesus Movie


Jonathan Roumie, who plays the lead role of Jesus Christ in the global sensation "The Chosen," revealed on social media on Sunday that he is cast in another Jesus movie. READ MORE


NY Pastor Warns Disney Pixar's 'Turning Red' Is 'Demonic'


A pastor from New York City went live on social media last March 15 to expose to parents the non-biblical views "Turning Red," the new Disney Pixar movie, inculcates in children. READ MORE


Former Witch-Turned-Christian Journalist, Pastor's Wife Shares Testimony Of Finding Jesus


A pop singer revealed in a recent episode of "The Christian Post Podcast" how growing up in a family that practices witchcraft brought her life misery before she finally found Jesus Christ. READ MORE

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