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Anton Carillo

More Than 20 Russian Cities See Anti-War Protests Following Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine

Paula White-Cain, CityServe Partner With Other Groups To Send 1 Million Meals To Ukrainian Refugees


Former President Donald Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White-Cain and the Christian collaborative network CityServe have partnered with other groups to fly an airplane filled with donations to feed Ukrainian refugees. READ MORE

children studying in school

Second-Grader Punished For Sharing Her Christian Faith At Washington School


A second-grade student from North Hill Elementary School in Des Moines, Washington reportedly has been punished by school officials at least ten times this year because she spoke about Jesus to her classmates in the playground.READ MORE

"Stop Abortion" sign

Catholic Diocese Stops Virginia City From Celebrating ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’


The City Council of Alexandria has removed in its docket released on Tuesday a previously-announced proclamation made by Mayor Justin Wilson to celebrate "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day" on March 10.READ MORE

Same Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Desires ‘Sinful’ Even When Not Acted Upon, Ex-Gay Professor Says


A professor from the Moody Bible Institute, who formerly identified himself as a homosexual, warned that same-sex desires--acted upon or not--are sinful. READ MORE

The Koran / Qu'ran

Evangelist Killed By Muslims During Open-Air Evangelistic Event


A 43-year-old evangelist from Uganda's Kapaala Village was brutally killed by a group of Muslims who interrupted him while he was speaking in public about Jesus Christ from the Qu'aran. READ MORE


What Are The Most 'Sinful' And 'Lustful' American States Christians Should Avoid?


A study released by WalletHub gauging the "sinfulness" of a state revealed which ones were promoting the flesh more and which ones were not. READ MORE

Army Leaving For War

Ukraine Stops Accepting Volunteers As More Than 140K Ukrainians Go Home To Fight Russia


Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are coming home not to join their families but to fight a war initiated by Russia almost two weeks ago. READ MORE

Burning Car

Good Samaritan Risks Life To Rescue Grandma Trapped Inside Burning Car


A man stopped the car he was driving to help free an elderly woman trapped inside a burning car in Sacramento, California.READ MORE

Anatomy Scan

Thank God! Congresswoman’s Unborn Baby Lives Even After Doctors Tell Her Otherwise


Washington Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler's daughter, Abigail, was diagnosed by doctors that she willl die before she was born but God had other plans.READ MORE

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Blasts Media For Wrong Portrayal Of LGBT Legislation


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized a reporter for spinning fake news on the state's Parental Rights in Education Bill as a "Don't Say Gay" legislation.READ MORE

haul trucks following one after another

Former USAF Chief Claims American Convoy Fundraiser 'Money Wasted' Against Truckers' Benefits


A former United States Air Force Crew Chief expressed opposition in a private Facebook group of American truckers on the efforts being made by the American Convoy, calling it a waste of money that does not really help the needs of local drivers.READ MORE

Crime Scene

Chicago Pastor And Husband Killed In Hit-And-Run, Suspect Not Yet Found


Body of Christ Deliverance Ministries Training Center Apostle Yvonne Lee-Wilson and her husband, Adelbert Wilson, died from a hit-and-run accident on Monday at 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.READ MORE

Full Moon

Who Is The Antichrist? Bible Expert Weighs On Issue Amid Russia—Ukraine Conflict


An end-times expert explained the meaning of the Antichrist, who it is, and the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin fitting the description of the said biblical figure.READ MORE

Temple in Greece

Thousands Of Christian Churches Desecrated During Time Muslims Flooded Greece, Report Says


More than two thousand Christian churches in Greece were desecrated in five years, coincidentally at a time 'migrants from the Islamic world' flooded the country.READ MORE

Car Crash

Car Crashes Into Church Minutes Before Scheduled Prayer Service


A pastor from a North Carolina church gave thanks to God that no one was killed on February 23 when a small SUV crashed into the sanctuary minutes before a regular weekly prayer service.READ MORE

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