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judge reviewing a lawsuit in front of a gavel

Priest Called A Church Member 'Disgusting' And 'Stupid', Lawsuit Claims


A priest from Queens, New York finds himself in a lawsuit after gravely criticizing a former church member for being disgusting and stupid.READ MORE

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Pandemic Inspires Creation Of New Christian Music Label


The pandemic has brought many people closer to God, including a corporate manager who thought of using the opportunity to bring out a new music label to help Christians be strong in the faith. READ MORE

Jesus Christ's love

What Are The Five Signs Of An Emotionally-Healthy Church?


A pastor from Udall, Kansas raised the need to regularly check the emotional health of one's church. READ MORE

Supreme Court

Biden’s Supreme Court Appointee ‘Soft’ On Child Pornographers And Sex Traffickers, Records Show


United States Senator Josh Hawley exposed Supreme Court appointee Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson to have a soft spot for sex offenders and traffickers as far back as her time in law school. READ MORE


Guatemala Is The ‘Pro-Life Capital of Latin America’, Guatemalan President Declares


Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei declared in a conference last March 9 that their country is the "pro-life capital of Latin America." READ MORE

hate speech message

Catholic Church Under Fire For Statement Saying ‘Hell Has Open Borders’


A Catholic church in Omaha, Nebraska has apologized for posting a sign on immigration laws that sparked intense criticism from its community. READ MORE

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Reiterates International Call To End Trade With Russia


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took to Twitter to reiterate his call to allies to totally end trading with Russia, which he believes will also end the violence in his country. READ MORE

map of Africa and neighboring countries

Muslim Extremists Kill People Out To Fetch Water In Burkina Faso


Nine people were killed on Monday in Burkina Faso, Africa by armed fighters said to be linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS. READ MORE

young people having a picnic while looking at the sunset

Franklin Graham Responds To Sunshine Protection Act Making Daylight Savings Time Permanent


Evangelist Franklin Graham expressed reservations on the Daylight Savings Time becoming permanent, raising the need to spread the Light of Christ during these times. READ MORE


Christian NBA Player Bismack Biyombo Donates Entire Year’s Salary To ‘Give Hope To The Hopeless’ In DRC


Phoenix Sun's center player, Bismack Biyombo, announced that he will donate the $1.3 million salary he will receive this year to the construction of a hospital in his homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. READ MORE


Former Editor, Advertising Director At Christianity Today Accused Of Sexual Harassment


Two officials of the evangelical Christian magazine Christianity Today are accused by several women of "demeaning, inappropriate, and offensive behavior." READ MORE

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia Acknowledges Vatican's Offer To Mediate To End Ukraine War


Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly acknowledged the invitation of Pope Francis to mediate to end the conflict in Ukraine. READ MORE


Russian And Ukrainian Christians Pray Together Weekly For Peace Amid Ukraine-Russia War


A church in Mount Crawford, Virginia is conducting a weekly service that particularly involves Russian and Ukrainian Christians seated together in worship. READ MORE

baby's feet held in hand by mom

Baby Born The Size Of A 'Can Of Coke' Fighting For Her Life


A premature baby girl, Elli Robertson, was born 25 weeks and four days on February 22 in Glasgow, Scotland. She weighed one pound and seven ounces, which is similar to the size of a can of Coke. READ MORE

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says 2022 Is ‘Year Of The Parent’


The 46th governor of the state of Florida on Tuesday closed the 2022 Legislative Session highlighting achievements for peace and order, education, and parents. READ MORE

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