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Iran and surrounding nations as seen in a map

Republican Leaders Pledge To Oppose Weakening Sanctions In Iran Nuclear Deal


Almost 50 Republican senators vowed on Monday not to support President Joe Biden's new nuclear deal with Iran. READ MORE

Married Families Make Better Society and Children

'Spiritual Disadvantage' Faced By Youths With Parents Lacking Biblical Worldview: Study


A study released by Arizona Christian University's Cultural Research Center Director George Bana showed that young adults are at a "spiritual disadvantage" when their parents do not have a biblical worldview. READ MORE

drill tool

Police Warn Car Owners To Protect Their Vehicles From 'Gas Thieves'


In the face of the oil hike, law enforcement officers from the state of Washington warned the public to be wary of gas thieves. READ MORE

Theologian Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler Pushes Back On Russian Fake News Amid War With Ukraine


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler reminded Christians to seek the truth and not to fall for false information spread by Russia on the violence they inflict in Ukraine. READ MORE

Biden Threatens Actions After Texas Calls Puberty Blockers ‘Child Abuse’

Biden Admin Expresses 'Deep Concerns' Over China's 'Alignment' With Russia, Warns Beijing Against Helping Moscow Invade Ukraine


An unnamed high-ranking official of the United States government disclosed on Monday the deep concerns the Biden administration has over China's alleged available assistance to Russia for its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. READ MORE


Big Tech Firms Among 60 Companies Opposing Texas' Transgender 'Child Abuse' Policy


Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, Meta, and Paypal, are among the 60 companies identified by a local report to have signed a newspaper advertisement calling on Texas to back down on its policy against transgender surgeries.READ MORE


Pro-Life Giant Declares Victory Against Abortionists And Democrats


Susan B. Anthony List successively declared on Twitter the victory of two pro-life initiatives on a state and a federal level. READ MORE

China's Imminent Attack on Taiwan Depends on Global Response to Ukraine: Taiwanese Foreign Minister

China Requires Churches To Secure License For Online Religious Activities


The Chinese Communist Party reportedly now requires religious groups seeking to conduct online activities to secure a license before its implementation. READ MORE

money dollar cash moolah monies rolled up bills

Christian Millennials Give More To Charity Than Non-Religious Counterparts, Study Finds


Christian Millenials are more generous to charities than their non-Christian counterparts based on a study released by LifeWay Research and sponsored by AdelFi last week. READ MORE

Catholic Pope Francis

Pope Pleads With Putin To End 'Massacre' Of Ukraine 'In The Name Of God'


Pope Francis on Sunday called an end to the violence Russian President Vladimir Putin has been inflicting against Ukraine, as the invasion rages on killing innocent children and unarmed citizens. READ MORE


Catholic Minister, Professor Praise Disney Movie For Depiction Of Latino Families, 'Christian' Themes


A multi-awarded new movie on a Latino family created by Disney is reportedly receiving praises from Christian leaders. READ MORE

Finish Line

Texas Woman With Down Syndrome Wins Austin Marathon


A 32-year-old woman from South Austin, Texas made history last month as she became the first person with Down Syndrome to win a 26.2-mile marathon. READ MORE

Doctors performing an operation

Pig Heart Transplant Recipient Dies Two Months After


The University of Maryland School of Medicine confirmed on Wednesday that the 57-year-old handyman who received the first-ever heart transplant from a pig died on Tuesday. READ MORE

Jesus Looking Down

Viral Photo Of Ukrainian Man Embracing Cross Depicts Sentiments Against Russian Invaders


The photo of a Ukrainian man hugging a giant cross for dear life as the crucified Christ looks down on him has gone viral ever since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in the country since it evoked the sentiments of citizens who depended on God to save and protect them. READ MORE

Hungary Map

Hungary Elects First Female President – A Pro-Life And Pro-Family Mom


A 44-year-old former cabinet minister was elected on Thursday as the first female president of Hungary. READ MORE

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