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Hillsong's First African-American Pastor Resigns Amid Scandals Church Faces

Hillsong’s First African-American Pastor To Launch Story Church Following Resignation


Former Hillsong Atlanta Pastor Sam Collier revealed in an interview the difficulties he is now facing as he transitions to Story Church, which he is launching. READ MORE


Christian Family Driven Away From Home Over Faith Now Facing Threats From Authorities


A Christian family in Laos experiences a new round of oppression from local authorities after exposing online the persecution inflicted on them. READ MORE

Biden Finally Bans All Imports of Russian Oil Because of Bad 'News Cycle,' Not Because of Ukraine War

Biden Admin To Provide $100M Civilian Security Assistance For Ukraine


The United States Department of State announced on Saturday that the government intends to provide an additional $100 million civilian security assistance for the enhancement of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs' security functions. READ MORE

Christian Pastor In Australia Sentenced To Longer Prison Time For Sexual Assault Of His Son

Christian Pastor In Australia Sentenced To Longer Prison Time For Sexually Assaulting Own Son


An Australian Court of Appeal decided that the Christian pastor must spend more time in jail for sexually assaulting his son because his initial sentence was "manifestly inadequate."READ MORE


Church Rescues Ukrainian Refugees Pleading For Help From Mexico


A church in California welcomed Ukrainian refugees from Tijuana, Mexico into shelters and called on other American churches to aid as well. READ MORE

judge reviewing a lawsuit in front of a gavel

AME Church Lost Nearly $100 Million From Retirement Plan Due To ‘Foolish’ Investments, Lawsuit Says


A former executive director of the African Methodist Episcopal Church was sued for making $100 million worth of "foolish" and risky investments on the retirement plan of thousands of members. READ MORE

Ukrainian Pastor Says 'God Is Sending Angels To Protect Us', Reveals Many Now Turning To Christ Amid War

Russian Forces Abduct Ukrainian American Pastor, Family Says


A 50-year-old American pastor, who relocated to Melitopol City, Ukraine, was abducted by Russian forces on Saturday, the second incident reported since the invasion began. READ MORE

Photo of Money in Hands

Wisconsin Officials Accused Of Accepting Election Bribery Over 2020 Elections


A complaint was filed by an unnamed voter at the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Wednesday against the city clerk, former mayor, and acting mayor of Milwaukee. READ MORE

Awaken Church Service

Churches Reopening For Worship But Attendance Still Poor, Study Finds


A study from Pew Research revealed that in-person attendance remains low despite many congregations opening their doors for religious services. READ MORE

Russian President Vladimir Putin

US Declares Russia Committed War Crimes As Biden Meets With G7 On United Response


President Joe Biden arrived in Belgium on Wednesday to fulfill commitments to NATO allies, coinciding with his administration declaring Russia guilty of executing war crimes. READ MORE


Texas Teen Who Lived After Driving Through Tornado Credits God For Miraculous Survival


A sixteen-year-old boy from Elgin, Texas gave thanks to God for giving him another chance in life after surviving a tornado that threw him and his truck like paper. READ MORE

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Supreme Court Rules Pastor Can Lay Hands On, Pray For Death Row Inmate During Execution


The United States Supreme Court decided on Thursday in favor of the petition of a death row inmate in Texas for his pastor to pray for him and lay hands on him during his execution. READ MORE

More Than Half of Anglicans Believe Same-Sex Marriage is 'Right': Survey

Same-Sex Wedding Leads To Serious Divide Inside Christian University


Michigan's Center for Social Research reportedly separated from Calvin University for allowing an LGBTQ wedding to be held in its premises that was officiated by the school's professor. READ MORE

US Capitol

Congressional Caucus Sets Sights On Christian Nationalism Report Produced In Partnership With Atheists


The Congressional Freethought Caucus highlighted during a briefing last March 17 the role of so-called "Christian nationalism" in the U.S. Capitol riot. READ MORE


Adoptive Parent Flies To Ukraine To Rescue His Little Girl And 21 Others


An American businessman from Pittsburgh and his Ukrainian parish priest accomplished the heroic feat of rescuing the child he intended to adopt and 21 other orphans along with a busload of refugees. READ MORE

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