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Anton Carillo

Unrest in Nigeria

Christians In Nigeria Abducted, Killed And Made Homeless By Fulani Militants During Holy Weekend


Fulani Militants conducted a series of attacks during Holy Week, which included abducting eight Christians from Nigeria's Jos, Plateau State on Good Friday. READ MORE

New Beginnings Church Senior Pastor and Founder Corey Brooks

Chicago Pastor Who Camped On Rooftop During Winter Camps Again To Raise Funds For Community Center


A South Side pastor camps anew to continue the fundraising of his planned 89,000 square-foot community resource center. READ MORE

woman being manipulated

Christian Behavioral Analyst Teaches How You Can Identify Manipulative Behavior And Avoid Being Controlled


Life Exchange Podcast co-host and behavioral analyst Dr. Melodye Hilton identified the four red flags of a person with manipulative behavior and provided tips on how to circumvent it. READ MORE

Joe Kennedy football coach

Attorney General Reinforces Support For Christian Football Coach Fired For Praying


Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita reaffirms his support for former Bremerton High School Coach Joseph Kennedy as the scheduled United States Supreme Court review of his case happens this month. READ MORE

Turkey's report, "Victory In Nagorno-Karabakh After 44 Days: The Token Of The Turkey-Azerbaijan Brotherhood"

Turkish High Court Rules Against Mandatory Religion Classes


A 42-year-old mandate of the Turkish government was finally revoked last week by the country's high court. READ MORE

Religious Freedom Watchdog Warns Of Increased Persecution of Christians During Easter

Religious Freedom Watchdog Warns Of Increased Persecution Of Christians During Easter

Christians who live in countries that are hostile to the religion are at higher risk for persecution this Easter season.READ MORE

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and family

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban In Florida


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law last Thursday, April 14, the Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Act or House Bill 5, which protects the state's most vulnerable citizens from abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. READ MORE

Ketanji Jackson

Southern Baptists Denounce ERLC Comment Saying Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation A ‘History-Making Moment’


Several Southern Baptists decried the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission's social media post appreciating the appointment of Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson to the United States of Supreme Court.READ MORE


Disney Heir Comes Out As Transgender, Voices Opposition Against Florida Parental Rights In Education Bill


The 30-year-old great-grandchild of the Walt Disney Company's founders admitted being transgender during the Human Rights Campaign gala last month, where she allegedly launched a fundraiser against Florida's Parental Rights in Education law. READ MORE

students inside classroom

Michigan Christian College Creates Network Of Schools Fighting Back Against Lies


The Hillsdale College of Michigan, renowned for being a standard-bearer of quality education, has been silently fighting back against the Critical Race Theory through its network of schools offering a free "1776 Curriculum." READ MORE

man-made COVID-19 virus pandemic from Wuhan, China

US Evacuates Non-Emergency Personnel From Shanghai As COVID Cases Escalate


The United States Department of State ordered on Monday that all its non-emergency personnel stationed in Shanghai, China evacuate in the face of a new COVID-19 surge. READ MORE

Mariupol Ukraine

Russia Accused Of Using Chemical Weapons In Ukraine And Killing Nearly 20,000 Ukrainians


The mayor of Mariupol revealed that the Russian siege of his city has resulted in the death of more than 10,000 residents, which is expected to exceed 20,000 in the coming weeks of area clearing. READ MORE


NYC Subway Shooting Injures Dozens Of People


The Tuesday morning rush filled commuters of the New York City Subway with terror as a gas-masked man opened fired and injured at least 29 people. READ MORE

Curse Tablet

Ancient Hebrew Language Artifact Discovered In Israel Linked To Biblical Passages, Theological Professor Says


An ancient lead tablet with a written inscription in Hebrew was discovered on Israel's Mount Ebal and speaks of curses similar to that in the Old Testament.READ MORE


California Filmmaker Urges Christians To Step Up Against Disney's LGBTQ+ Crusade


A Los Angeles-based filmmaker and author active in helping churches through the media raised if Christians would respond to The Walt Disney Company's woke agenda for children. READ MORE

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