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Anton Carillo

Southern Baptist Convention

South Carolina Pastor To Be Nominated As SBC Second Vice President


The first African American President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention is being eyed to lead the Southern Baptist Convention as its second vice president with elections coming up in June during the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. READ MORE

baby lying in soft bedding

Hearing For California ‘Infanticide Bill’ Set To Occur Next Week


The California Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing for a bill disguised as reproductive health yet enables a woman to hurt or kill her week-old child is set on April 5 at the state capitol building. READ MORE

Explosion At Night

Russian Arms Depot Explodes Injuring Four People


Various reports on a Russian arms depot exploding and injuring four people surfaced on Tuesday, allegedly the first counterstrike of Ukraine on enemy grounds. READ MORE


Cardinal Recounts Encounter With 'Angels' During Ukrainian Refugees Visit


Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development Interim Prefect Cardinal Michael Czerny recounted encountering angels during a visit to Ukrainian refugees sheltered by the Slovak Republic early this month. READ MORE

Supreme Court

Democrats Want Constitutionalist Justice Clarence Thomas To Resign Over Wife’s Texts Urging Election Integrity


Only two months after United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer resigned reportedly due to pressures from the Democratic Party, the liberals are at it again by targeting Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. READ MORE

Jesus live a life of suffering and in suffering with Christ, we have strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Christianity Is The Only Religion That Handles Suffering And Pain ‘Honestly’, Matt Chandler Says


In the face of all the suffering happening in the world today, Village Church Pastor Matt Chandler points to the Cross of Christ and the merciful Wisdom of God working through all the mess to save each person. READ MORE

Woman In Suffering

Billboards In Portland, Oregon Demand People 'Stop Having Kids'


Billboards pushing the belief that it is morally wrong to have children are reportedly popping up all over Portland, Oregon. READ MORE

flag of India

Petition To Monitor Christian Missionaries In India Dismissed By Indian Supreme Court


A petition filed by a Hindu nationalist group urging the need to monitor Christian missionaries in India was dismissed by the country's Supreme Court.READ MORE

Support Ukraine

Ukrainian American Pastor Abducted By Russian Forces Now Freed


The wife of a Ukrainian American pastor abducted by the Russian military from Melitopol City on March 19 announced on Facebook the great news that her husband is now free. READ MORE

China flag waving communism

Christian Human Rights Activists Mistreated, Falsely Charged By Chinese Communist Party, Supporters Say


Supporters of human rights activities, including their relatives and friends, reveal in various reports the fabricated testimonies the Chinese Communist Party's officials devised to keep them behind bars. READ MORE

handgun with bullets around

Man ‘Shocked’ After Surviving Violent Shooting Without Severe Wounds: ‘It’s A Miracle’


A man from Kentucky's Germantown, Louisville miraculously lived to tell the tale of his traumatic experience on Saturday while driving back home. READ MORE

Bible study in small groups

Pastor In Need Of Money Finds Himself In The Most Extraordinary Place: Ministry Inside The FBI


A pastor from Virginia testified how his dire need for money as a young father supporting his family led to the fulfillment of his dream of becoming a lead pastor inside the FBI. READ MORE


Disney Employees Blast Company For Divisive LGBT Advocacy


Disney's assurance of support for the LGBTQ community is reportedly creating a divide not only among its employees but also in the country.READ MORE

Toy Story

Disney Inserts LGBT Propaganda In 'Toy Story' Prequel


To reinforce its support for the LGBTQ community, Disney-Pixar's prequel on the hit movie series "Toy Story" features a same-sex kiss that allegedly aims to get back on Florida's Parental Education Act. READ MORE

doctor wearing hospital garb with arms crossed

Christian Doctor Fired For Refusing Trans Pronouns Gets Case Heard In Court


The two-day hearing on the case of Dr. David Mackereth, a Christian doctor who was terminated from his employment at the United Kingdom's Department of Work and Pensions, began on Monday, March 28. READ MORE

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