A pop singer revealed in a recent episode of "The Christian Post Podcast" how growing up in a family that practices witchcraft brought her life misery before she finally found Jesus Christ.

Faithwire reported that author and journalist Jeannie Ortega Law shared parts of her new book, "What Is Happening To Me?: How To Defeat Your Unseen Enemy," in the podcast aired last March 16. The book reveals Law's story of finding salvation through Jesus.

Though originally Catholic, Law disclosed that the maternal side of her family dabbled with the occult through the practice of Santeria, which is witchcraft. Santeria is a separate religion that practices conjuring of the dead, worshiping of the dead, and channeling of the dead, among others. Law shared that she has always been uncomfortable in these spiritual practices, which are widely accepted by her family.

"All that I knew was that it made me feel uncomfortable, but it was just normal to a big majority of my family. I was introduced to that at a very young age. My spiritual eyes...were always open," Law said.

In addition to the confusion she experience at home, Law also struggled to face abuse from the tough Brooklyn neighborhood she grew up in. Her only recourse, she said, was to cling to the concept of God she had to surpass her struggles.

"I needed there to be a God, because not only did I grow up in that spiritual climate, but there was also violence inside the home, outside of the home," Law recounted.

These struggles brought negative consequences to her internally. Law often had terrifying nightmares and experienced a lot of torment from supernatural things. She said she was "so spiritually heightened," she often witnessed supernatural things occurring around her. She realized that she was exposed to things that she wasn't supposed to have been exposed to.

Law said all the spiritual negativity pushed her into having desires for self-destruction. She told herself that she needed an outlet. Divine Providence, she said brought her into the discovery of music and kept her from the deadly path.

Music then became her only outlet. She professed that God used music to get her attention. Music helped her shift focus and gave her "something to live for." Law then began making music to heal herself. The undertaking eventually led her to help others be empowered, too.

However, when she entered the entertainment industry, it didn't take long for Law to find herself experiencing the same emotional struggles she escaped initially. She discovered that the entertainment industry did make her successful, rich, and famous but her issues were still there. She also encountered harassment and truly uncomfortable situations. She experienced being pulled in all directions to heed the demands of the people in the industry.

"Nothing had changed. Only my bank account...internally I was still the broken little girl. Nothing had changed in the home. I couldn't reconcile all the anger and things I had going on in my heart," Law stressed.

Law said, gratefully, a friend invited her to church. This paved the way for her to truly experience God and had a revival in her faith. She fully accepted Jesus in her life and the blessings came pouring in. She is now married to a pastor and has a thriving career as a journalist for The Christian Post.

According to Law, "God fights for us" and that He has a love that is unmovable and unshakable. Law said these truths have made her faithful to her faith and convinced her to never look back to the life she once had.