The mayor of Mariupol in Ukraine revealed that the Russian siege of his city has resulted in the death of more than 10,000 residents, which is expected to exceed 20,000 in the coming weeks of area clearing.

CBN News reported that Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko that Russian troops have attempted to conceal its war crimes through weeks of blocked humanitarian convoys. Boychenko told The Associated Press in an interview that they have discovered mobile crematoriums used to get rid of massive dead bodies killed by Russians.

"Mobile crematoriums have arrived in the form of trucks: You open it, and there is a pipe inside and these bodies are burned," Boychenko said.

Boychenko also disclosed that Russian forces have used the refrigerators and storage facilities of a huge local shopping center for the bodies before burning them in the mobile crematoriums. The mayor stressed that he had several sources to prove Russia's methodic burning of Ukrainian corpses in his city. But he did not name who these sources are. He also revealed that 84,000 citizens lost their homes and 40% of high-rise buildings were destroyed by Russian troops.

UkraineWorld highlighted the inhumane barbarism of Russian soldiers, who claim their undertaking is to denazify Ukraine. Yet footages uploaded by the Russian military show the rampant destruction of structures in Mariupol. UkraineWorld pointed to the irony contained in the videos as against the Russians' pride in shooting civilians. The media outlet urged the public to look at the houses in the video that were bombarded by the Russian military. The media outlet stressed that Russian soldiers had no pity since Mariupol is a Russian-speaking city.

Mariupol's streets are said to be currently carpeted with the corpses of residents left by the Russians when they retreated from the city and other areas surrounding Kyiv early this month. Russian forces have occupied the said areas ever since President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine last February.

Large numbers of executed civilians have been successively discovered after the Russian forces retreated. In Bucha, at least 200 citizens were unearthed in mass graves. Reports of Russian soldiers committing summary executions of citizens in Bucha have already surfaced. Footages of the carnage were even shown by Ukrainian President Volodymrr Zelenskyy in his reporting last week to the United Nations Security Council on Russia's war crimes.

While Kyiv has become a crime scene of butchered Ukrainian civilians. Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Iryna Venedyktova reported 410 bodies of killed civilians were discovered from April 1 to 3 in Kyiv. The number, Venedyktova said, would likely increase as they continue documentation on Russia's war crimes in Ukraine.

In addition, Donetsk Regional Military Administration Head Pavlo Kyrylenko told CNN that between 20,000 to 22,000 people died in their locality.

Russia is also accused of using chemical weapons in Ukraine based on the statements of a paramilitary battalion incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard. The information is presently being confirmed by the government according to Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk.

"We are waiting for official confirmation of the information on the alleged use of chemical weapons in #Mariupol and the most painful response to Russia's actions. I hope it is now clear to everyone that unpunished evil gives rise to even greater evil," Stefanchuk tweeted on Tuesday.