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Ruth Aguantia

Baseball player's hands in prayer

Christian Groups In Japan Call For 1 Million Hours Of Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening Amid Tokyo Olympics


A campaign was launched by a pair of Christian groups, soliciting for prayers for a spiritual awakening in Japan during the Olympic season.READ MORE

Pastor Ed Litton

Conservative Baptist Network Calls On New SBC President Ed Litton To Resign


A Baptist group is calling for the resignation of the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) new president over alleged plagiarism.READ MORE

Jane Blasio

Woman Abducted, Sold By Abortionist As A Child Shares How She Made Her Way ‘Home’


An American woman shared her story on the search for her roots after being sold by an abortion clinic as an infant.READ MORE

Jonathan Lotz and mom Anne Graham Lotz

Prayers Asked For Anne Graham Lotz’s Son As He Battles For His Life In Hospital


The daughter of late Evangelist Billy Graham is requesting prayers for her son who is currently in the intensive care unit at the hospital.READ MORE

young people with their faces buried on their smartphones

Christian Podcaster Warns Parents To Train The Youth Personally –Or Someone Else Will Do It


An American author shared her ideas on how to fight the leftist principles which the world tries to indoctrinate children with.READ MORE

Former pastor Jeff Bedwell

Southern Baptist Megachurch Pastor Arrested For Grooming, Molesting Minor


A former pastor of a Florida megachurch was charged four counts over sexual abuse of a teenager.READ MORE

Milwaukee Bucks guard Jrue Holiday

Milwaukee Bucks’ Guard Jrue Holiday Glorifies The Lord For Team’s 1st Championship Win In 50 Years: ‘This Is Only God’


Professional basketball player Jrue Holiday credited God for Milwaukee Bucks' victory in the 2021 NBA Finals.READ MORE

Newsboys United

Newsboys United Announces They Will Split After Summer Tour


Christian band Newsboys United announced on Sunday that it will be disbanding following the impending departure of its two original members.READ MORE

2021 Promise Keepers Conference

2021 Promise Keepers Conference Sees Nearly 30,000 Men Filling Up Dallas AT&T Stadium To Seek God


The Promise Keepers (PK) organized a conference last week in Texas, empowering men to be better leaders in their households, communities and the country.READ MORE

Pastor Derwin Gray and Bengals Linebacker Akeem Davis-Gaither

Bengals Linebacker Akeem Davis-Gaither Overjoyed ‘To Have Given My Life To Christ’


Football player Akeem Davis-Gaither celebrated his new life in Christ by sharing photos of his baptism on social media.READ MORE

Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie Robertson Huff Opens Up About The 'Fear' She Faced During 'Postpartum' Struggle


Sadie Robertson Huff shared about her postpartum struggles after the birth of her firstborn in May.READ MORE

Jason Meyer

Jason Meyer, John Piper’s Successor, Resigns From Post Following Allegations Of Abuse In Leadership


The successor of John Piper and lead pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis has resigned over alleged leadership issues in the congregation.READ MORE

The Jesus Music

Christian Singers Star In New ‘The Jesus Music’ Documentary Showcasing History Of CCM Through The Years


A new documentary on contemporary Christian music (CCM) is set for release this fall, revealing the birth and growth of a music industry that focused on hope, love, and life found in God.READ MORE

David A.R. White

‘God’s Not Dead: We The People’ To Focus On Religious Freedom And Free Speech


The fourth part of the "God's Not Dead" movie series is slated for release this fall, and will address issues surrounding the freedoms of speech and religion.READ MORE

John Crist

Comedian John Crist ‘100 Percent’ Happy His Sexual Misconduct Was Exposed Via Charisma Report


A comedian said that he felt glad about the revelation of his sinful activities in 2019, causing him to live a "better life" today.READ MORE

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