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Ruth Aguantia

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez preaching via hologram

Pastor Can’t Come Over To Preach, And Church Didn’t Him Want To Stream, So He Delivered Sermon Using Hologram


An American pastor delivered a message at a church through a technology that makes it appear he was there but actually absent.READ MORE

Pastor Bryce Brewer and fiancé Katie Hochhalter Brown

Pastor Issues Public Apology For One-Piece Swimsuit Requirement At Church Camp


A pastor apologized after realizing the mistake over his "ridiculous ultimatum" on women to only wear one-piece bathing suit during summer camp, subjecting them to the "frustration" of finding the garment in stores and carrying the responsibility on purity.READ MORE


IRF Summit 2021 Speakers, Faith Leaders Focus On Persecution Of Religious Minorities In Different Countries


A three-day summit on international religious freedom commenced on Tuesday, focusing on the persecution that the majority of the world's population suffer because of their religion.READ MORE

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese Pastors Report Being Forced To Include Xi’s Speech In Their Sermons In Church


Chinese pastors were reportedly being forced to include President Xi Jinping's speech in their sermons during worship in line with the centenary celebration of the Chinese Communist Party last July 1.READ MORE

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip And Joanna Gaines Share Powerful Tip From 18 Years Of Marriage: 'Divorce Is Not An Option For Us'


Chip and Joanna Gaines revealed that a secret to their strong marriage is deciding to make it work instead of opting for divorce.READ MORE

St. Bede's Episcopal Church Santa Fe

New Mexico Church Pays Off 782 Families' Medical Debt Worth Nearly $1.4 Million


A church in Santa Fe, New Mexico has written off the medical debt of over 700 families in a couple of states.READ MORE

Israel Antiquities Authority

Archaeologists Unearth Jar From Judges Era Marked With Biblical Name ‘Jerubbaal’


Archaeologists believe that they may have found a jug belonging to an ancient judge of Israel.READ MORE

Cuba protest against communist dictatorship

Biden Administration Ignores Real Reason Cubans Are Protesting, Claims It’s About COVID


Americans criticized the State Department for downplaying the reasons that drove Cuban protesters to the streets on Sunday.READ MORE

Cuban Flag

Thousands Of Cubans March On Streets To Protest Communist Regime's Dictatorship


The people of Cuba held anti-communist regime protests on Sunday over a number of major issues in the country.READ MORE

Billy Graham

Billy Graham’s 1940s North Carolina Home Is Now On Sale: ‘It Is Where It All Began’


Billy Graham's daughter is selling their first home in North Carolina to help with the medical expenses of her child who is suffering from a rare illness. This property, she says, is "where it all began."READ MORE

women reading the Bible happily with a cup in hand

Having Difficulty Reading Your Bible? Learn Some Tips From This Book Club Who Read It Like A Novel


During the pandemic, the members of a book club in Charlottesville, Virginia challenged themselves to read the Bible like they read novels - and were amazed by what they discovered.READ MORE

man in church kneeling in prayer

Church Leaders Scramble To Find Ways To Boost Attendance Back Post COVID


Church leaders are concerned with the decline of the number of congregants attending physical services, even now that the pandemic is subsiding. READ MORE

Pastors Apprehensive

New Movement Empowers Pastors Amid Challenges By Teaching Church Members How They Can Help


An American evangelical group has launched a movement that aims to bless pastors and church workers in the country.READ MORE

Maverick City Music's "Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition"

Maverick City Music Tops iTunes Charts With New Album ‘Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition’


Maverick City Music's newly released album has topped iTunes and various Billboard charts.READ MORE

Pastor Tim Stephens

Canadian Pastor Freed From Jail Encourages Congregation To ‘Fear God,’ Not Man


Following his release from imprisonment over holding a church service that violated Canada's health guidance last month, Pastor Tim Stephens resumed preaching, urging the congregants to stand for God and fear Him.READ MORE

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