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Ruth Aguantia

Photo of an abandoned church in Uganda

Islamic Extremist Admits He Killed Christian Pastor Because Of “Allah’s Word To Kill All Infidels Who Mislead Muslims”


An imam killed a bishop in Uganda over an Islamic teaching, holding that "infidels" of the religion should be killed.READ MORE

empty pews inside church building Bethlehem Baptist Church

Southern Baptist Convention Approves Resolution ‘Permanently’ Disqualifying Pastors Who Commit Sexual Abuse


In a bid to purge the churches from issues of sexual abuse and restore credibility on "the entire office of pastor," the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) approved a resolution that disqualifies assailants from serving in pastoral ministry.READ MORE

Pastor Ed Litton

Who Is Pastor Ed Litton? Here Are Some Things To Know About New SBC President


Following Pastor Ed Litton's election as new president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), people are eager to know about his life and views on controversial issues.READ MORE


Democrat Senator Refuses To Confirm If An Unborn Baby Is A ‘Human’ At 15 Weeks


A Democrat senator from Connecticut declined to answer whether a 15-week old unborn child is a human being.READ MORE

Carrie Underwood's " My Savior"  album coming to DVD

Missed Carrie Underwood’s Performance Of ‘My Savior’ Last Easter? Gospel Concert To Be Released On DVD


Carrie Underwood's livestreamed performance on Easter Sunday will be available on DVD. This will give fans who weren't able to watch the livestream, or simply want a rerun, a chance to watch it.READ MORE

Pastor Ed Litton

Southern Baptist Convention Elects Pastor Ed Litton As New President Of Denomination


Ed Litton, a pastor from Alabama, was elected as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).READ MORE

2021 SBC Annual Meeting

SBC Leaders Talk About What They Hope Denomination Will Pursue During Annual Meeting


During their annual meeting, prominent figures of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) discussed a number of issues that have emerged following some controversies and revelations.READ MORE

Clubhouse app icon on a smartphone

Christians Using This Popular App To Reach Out With the Gospel – And Miracles Are Happening


Clubhouse, an audio app, is currently being considered as an effective avenue to share the Word of God.READ MORE

Israel's new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Christian And Religious Leaders Express ‘High Hopes’ Over Israel’s New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett


Following the formation of Israel's 36th government, many Christian leaders and Evangelicals declared continuous support for the country despite Benjamin Netanyahu's shift as a member of the opposition against the new coalition headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.READ MORE

Jacob Mayo and Bella Robertson tied the knot

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bella Robertson, Willie And Korie’s Daughter, Marries Jacob Mayo


Bella Robertson and Jacob Mayo tied the knot in the Louisiana farm of the bride's parents.READ MORE

Newlyweds Chandler Moore and Hannah Poole

Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore Marries Hannah Poole A Year After They First Met


Maverick City Chandler Moore and Hannah Poole married in Texas on the very same date they met a year ago.READ MORE

Tim Keller

Pastor Tim Keller Shares ‘Extremely Encouraging’ Update Following Cancer Surgery Last Month


Pastor Tim Keller revealed the positive development on his health following a cancer diagnosis last year.READ MORE

Sean Feucht's Let Us Worship tour in Virginia

‘We Need Revival In America’: Sean Feucht Takes ‘Let Us Worship’ Tour To Hometown Virginia


Sean Feucht continues with his revival campaign across America, bringing the worship concert to his high school hometown in Virginia.READ MORE

2021 SBC Annual Meeting

Southern Baptist Convention To Welcome More Than 16,000 Delegates To Annual Meeting Amid Controversy Over Leaked Letters


Following the release of Russell Moore's letters which revealed the serious issues inside the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the denomination is scheduled to have a two-day annual meeting starting June 15 at the Music City Center in Nashville.READ MORE

Israel's new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Israel Elects Religious Conservative Naftali Bennett As New Prime Minister, Ends Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-Year Rule


The Knesset voted for the formation of Israel's 36th government headed by Yamina's Naftali Bennett, unseating Likud Party's Benjamin Netanyahu who served as prime minister for more than a decade.READ MORE

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