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Ruth Aguantia

Sadie Robertson-Huff with baby Honey James

Sadie Robertson-Huff Celebrates Baby Honey James’ First Month By Taking Her To A Wedding


Sadie Robertson-Huff enjoys being a mother and "loves" the company of her baby, who has recently turned a month old.READ MORE

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber baptized together

Hailey Baldwin Says ‘Our Faith’ Is the Biggest Thing She And Husband Justin Bieber Have In Their Relationship


Hailey Baldwin revealed that faith is the "biggest" factor that keeps her and her husband Justin Bieber together.READ MORE

Jack Phillips believe in 'Artistic Freedom'

Christian Baker Jack Phillips Faced Death Threats And More Simply For Refusing To Bake A Cake


Colorado baker and cake shop owner, Jack Phillips, revealed to have encountered some disturbing experiences, including receiving death threats, simply for declining to create a cake because it was against his personal beliefs.READ MORE

Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley

Nevada Church Wins Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Restrictions, Court Orders State To Pay $175K For Legal Fees


A church in Nevada would be reimbursed of its legal fees after winning the case against the state over its COVID restrictions on houses of worship.READ MORE

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and police

Canadian Premier, Officials Breaks The Same Rules Authorities Arrest Pastors And Lock Churches For


A Canadian premier and some officials were found to have broken pandemic guidelines that authorities used to jail pastors and lock churches in the country.READ MORE

Cade Thompson

Christian Singer Cade Thompson Releases Single 'New Normal' For Students Fearing School Shootings


To encourage the youth who fear the prevalence of gun violence in America, a young Christian singer released a new single carrying a message of hope.READ MORE

Rebekah Hagan

Teen Mom Who Almost Aborted Her Baby Now Helps Pregnant Women Choose Life And Carry To Term


A California mother, who almost aborted her baby when she was a teenager, shared her experience on the grim reality of abortion and encouraged other women to dismiss the idea of undergoing this horrendous procedure that will end life.READ MORE

Officer Cody Hubbard

Police Officer Who Saved Choking Baby's Life Said He Was Praying On His Way To The Rescue


A young officer in Arkansas credits God for his rescue of a baby from choking.READ MORE

Rick warren

Rick Warren Stepping Down From Saddleback Church Leadership After 42 Years


Almost a month after the congregation made a surprising move of ordaining women ministers, Rick Warren announced he is stepping down from his post as senior pastor of Saddleback Church which he founded more than four decades ago.READ MORE

Members of Canaan Baptist Church participate in a clothing drive on property owned by the church.

Church Enjoys Legal Victory As City Relents From Attempting To Seize Its Property


A church in Texas succeeded against the petition of a local government to take its land as part of the city's development plan.READ MORE

Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua

Popular Nigerian Televangelist T.B. Joshua Dies After Public Broadcast


The Nigerian televangelist, T.B. Joshua, has passed away Sunday. He was 57 when he died.READ MORE

Jan Niedojadlo

Police Drop Case Against Christian Volunteer Who Fed Homeless People During COVID Lockdowns


The authorities dropped a lawsuit and fines against a volunteer who served a homeless community in an English town during a lockdown last year.READ MORE

Kirk Cameron

Gen Z Has 'Passion And Energy' To Save Or Destroy The World, Kirk Cameron Says


Christian actor Kirk Cameron declared that through the power of God and guidance of "older wiser people," the youth have the ability to make a difference in the world.READ MORE

Bible Restoration Project

Hobby Lobby Sues Oxford University Professor For Stealing Bible Fragments Then Selling Them


Hobby Lobby sued a former Oxford professor over the sale of stolen Bible fragments.READ MORE

99-year-old World War II veteran and pastor Dr. Jack Hetzel

99-Year-Old Pastor And WWII Veteran Finally Gets The Diploma He’d Been Longing For Since 1948


A war veteran and church pastor in Texas finally received his high school diploma after desiring to have such for more than seven decades, a year before he becomes a centenarian.READ MORE

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