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Ruth Aguantia

Destruction in Haiti following the 7.2-magnitude earthquake

Group Of Churches Raising Funds To Help 25K Families Affected By Recent Calamities In Haiti


A group of American churches is facilitating a charity effort for the people of Haiti who were affected by the recent calamities.READ MORE

Sydney McLaughlin

‘They're Rejecting Jesus Living In Me’: Olympic Medalist Shares The Struggles She Faced Despite Breaking Records


American hurdler and Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin expressed her frustration over criticism and lack of support from people close to her, despite efforts to honor God amidst the victory.READ MORE

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and wife Jacqueline

Prayers Asked For Rev. Jesse Jackson And Wife Jacqueline As They Battle COVID-19 Post-Vaccination


Former minister and civil rights leader Rev. Jess Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline, are hospitalized due to COVID infection.READ MORE

'The Chosen' Season 2

'The Chosen’, The Largest Streaming Series About Jesus Christ, Now In 90 Languages


"The Chosen" television series is now available with more languages to cater to more people in different locations.READ MORE

Sam Ehlinger

Christian Quarterback Says Football Is Not His Purpose, Says Faith Is ‘What We’re Here For’


An NFL player shared that his purposeful perspective on things that really matter in life "keeps football in check." READ MORE

Danny Gokey

Christian Singer Danny Gokey Calls On All 'Jesus People' To Stand Amidst A Broken World


A Christian singer released a new album that aims to address the current social issues by reflecting on the power and peace of Jesus Christ.READ MORE

Former 'Survivor' contestant and ex-pro poker player Anna Khait

‘Survivor’ Contestant Shares ‘Beautiful’ Experience Where She Met God While ‘Searching For Love’


A former reality show contestant and poker player shared her divine experience, leading to the realization that God has always been with her, but she didn't notice Him until she was broken.READ MORE

Arlington National Cemetery: Marine Corps Memorial (Raising Flag at Iwo Jima)

Taliban Fighters Mock U.S. By Wearing American Gear And Recreating Iconic Iwo Jima Photo


The Taliban reportedly mocked America by releasing an image that mimics the iconic photograph of U.S. soldiers raising the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.READ MORE

Reading Bible in dim light

Church Leaders Shouldn’t Simply Assume That Churchgoers Have A Biblical Worldview, Survey Reveals


A recent study revealed that more than half of American Christians adopted a pluralistic view on salvation, believing that Jesus is just one of the ways to God.READ MORE

Tony Evans in "Journey With Jesus"

Tony Evans, Daughters Priscilla And Chrystal Talk About Their ‘Journey With Jesus’ In New Film


A Texas minister is set to release a new documentary, retracing the steps of Jesus in Israel.READ MORE

Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp Shares How Experience With God During Pandemic Resulted In New Album


Christian artist Jeremy Camp shared the lesson God taught him during the pandemic that led to the creation of his upcoming album.READ MORE

Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson

Outspoken NFL Star Encourages Fans To Read The Bible And Desire The ‘Peace Of God’


A Christian football player challenged his followers to seek God's peace instead of trusting their own insights.READ MORE

Afghanistan flag

More Christian Leaders In Afghanistan Issue Urgent Plea For Prayers Amid Imminent Danger


Church leaders in Afghanistan are requesting for prayers as the Taliban seized control of the country.READ MORE

Tim Tebow

Christian Athlete Tim Tebow Remains Grateful Despite Release From Jacksonville Jaguars


Despite the decision of the Jacksonville Jaguars to release him, Tim Tebow still felt grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team.READ MORE

Kevin Quinn

Christian Disney Actor Releases New Music Inspiring Youth To Turn To Jesus Amid Current Events


A Disney star dropped a new song, which speaks about hope in God amidst challenges in life.READ MORE

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