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Ruth Aguantia

Phil Robertson

America Getting Destroyed By ‘Lack Of Discipline’ And ‘Culture Of Disrespect’, Phil Robertson Says


"Duck Dynasty" great Phil Robertson lamented the disrespect among the current generation toward their elders and authorities simply due to lack of training or discipline.READ MORE

Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie Robertson Huff Reveals The Most Important Problem Today’s Youth Have: ‘We Don't Have A Standard For Truth’


"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson Huff said that the youth is faced with a problem of determining the real truth.READ MORE

Tim Keller teaches Christians not to waste your sorrow

Pastor Tim Keller Gives Cancer Update, Asks For Prayers To Be Able To Continue Ministry Work


Pastor Tim Keller released an update about his cancer treatment and requested for prayers.READ MORE

Caleb Kaltenbach

Raised By Gay Parents, Man Who Joined Bible Study To Disprove Christianity Gets Transformed After Embracing Christ


A pastor, who grew up with gay parents and hating Christians, shared about his story on how his effort to disprove Christianity has led him to finding Christ.READ MORE

generosity and gratitude

Church Urges Members To Become Generous – By Gifting Them With $100 To Use Or Share With Others


To inspire "radical generosity," a church in Texas surprised its congregants by giving out $100 to every household.READ MORE

Christian raising hand in worship of God in church

Churches Facing Volunteer Shortages, Having Difficulty Mobilizing Members For Ministry Amid COVID


The decrease in physical attendance of congregants has also lessened the churches' volunteers.READ MORE

Raina Simpson and family

Mom Miraculously Overcomes Stage 4 Colon Cancer After Church Continually Prays For Her


A Kentucky woman was healed from terminal cancer by the power of prayer.READ MORE

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Calls For Prayer As Various Tragedies Happen In America And Beyond


Tim Tebow urged his followers to join them in praying for the people who are suffering, particularly those who were affected with the chaos in Afghanistan and other calamities around the world.READ MORE

Pastor Rob Rogers

Tennessee Megachurch’s Service Abruptly Canceled As Feud Among Leadership Erupts


A conflict among pastors at a Tennessee megachurch has caused the interruption of its services last Sunday.READ MORE

Hội An, Vietnam in 2018

Christian Families In Vietnam Denied Of Essential Government-Supplied COVID Relief


Vietnam continued to persecute Christians during the pandemic by denying them of government aid.READ MORE

Virginia Beach Boat Church

This Church Does What Jesus Did: Preach To Crowds From A Boat


A former governor launched an unconventional church set up, wherein people can worship by the beach at a park in Virginia.READ MORE

Pastor John MacArthur makes a case for indoor service to remain open

UPDATED: California, LA County To Pay Grace Community Church $800K In Legal Fees Over COVID Restrictions


The State of California and Los Angeles county will pay the legal fees of a church over lawsuit on COVID health restrictions.READ MORE

Stefen Wisniewski

NFL Champ Retires From Sport To Embrace Calling As A Pastor, Says ‘Can’t Imagine A Better Full-Time Job’


A renowned NFL player has retired from football to pursue pastoral ministry.READ MORE

Pastor Tim Parsons

Faith Community Mourns As Beloved Kentucky Pastor Dies Following Battle Against COVID


A beloved Kentucky pastor succumbed to COVID two weeks after contracting the illness and fellow believers are mourning his loss.READ MORE

Russell Moore

Former ERLC President Russell Moore Battling COVID-19 Post-Vaccination

Theologian Russell Moore and his family are stricken with COVID despite being vaccinated.READ MORE

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