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Ruth Aguantia

The Bible’s Position on Women’s Church Leadership

What Does The Bible Say About Women Leading In The Church? Pastor Explains


The question on whether women should be allowed to take the pastoral role is a controversial issue in the churches today. But a minister argued that though he acknowledges the importance of women in the world, the Bible assigns the leadership roles to men.READ MORE

America’s Need for Fearless Leaders

America's Pastors Must Confront ‘A Culture Hell-Bent On Rejecting God’, Firebrand Preacher Says


Noting the country's rapid moral decline, a minister highlighted the significance of pastors who will speak the truth of God's Word.READ MORE

The Boundless Love of God Even for the Outcasts

Will God Love Even The Imperfect And Unwanted? Christian Author Says Yes


A Christian author shares how God loves everyone who turns to Him, including those people who are deemed society's outcasts.READ MORE

Seven Factors that the ‘True Shepherds’ Must Protect the Flock From

Seven Things ‘True Shepherds’ Must Protect The Flock Christ Entrusted From


Aside from teaching the Word of God, it is also a pastor’s responsibility to protect the congregants from false teachers. In doing such, a minister shared the ways on how the church’s shepherd can guard his flock.READ MORE

Three Ways to Spot a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in the Pulpit

Three Ways to Spot a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in the Pulpit


The Bible has already warned Christians against the emergence of false leaders. A Christian author shares three keys to identifying a deceitful church leader.READ MORE

What Christians Should Understand About The Cost of Freedom

What Christians Should Understand About The Cost of Freedom


Amidst the nation’s Memorial Day celebration, a minister reminds the citizens about the price of freedom that American soldiers have had to pay dearly, sometimes with their own lives.READ MORE

5 Tips In Overcoming Spiritual Battles

5 Tips To Overcoming The Spiritual Battles You Face


Life is filled with many challenges which at times become overwhelming. However, by sharing five tips based on biblical wisdom, a pastor declared that overcoming these is possible.READ MORE

How to Discern the Lies of the Enemy

'Shut Up Devil' Author Shares How To Discern And Resist The Lies Of The Enemy


The Bible compares man’s spiritual enemy to a “roaring lion.” To fight against its evil’s schemes, a Christian author shared how the enemy works through understanding the behaviors of a lion. READ MORE

The American Church is Facing A ‘Festering’ Issue Far More Dangerous Than Atheism, And Research Says Its Rampant

The American Church is Facing A ‘Festering’ Issue Far More Dangerous Than Atheism, And Research Says Its Rampant


Church leaders have recently discovered apatheism, a disturbing belief among their congregants which they said is more damaging than atheism. READ MORE

Why  Are Today’s Preachers Powerless? Pastor Reminds Us of Powerful Truth

Why Are Today’s Preachers Powerless? Pastor Reminds Us Of Powerful Truth


Amidst the decline of America’s morality, a pastor he noted that ministers are losing their impact in the pulpit simply out of lacking spiritual empowerment. To regain such, he urged the church leaders to practice a simple but significant factor - prayer. READ MORE

Person Holding Bible

Pastor Warns Against Enabling Evil By Calling It 'Good'


Noting the uproar from the leftists ignited by the news of the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade, a minister recalled the height of evil that transpired during Isaiah’s time which led to Jerusalem’s eventual fall to the hands of the Babylonian king. Like the prophet, he declared the same warning to the American people.READ MORE

March for Life 2022

Christian Lawyer Explains What's Wrong With Tim Keller's Controversial Tweet Regarding Abortion


A Christian lawyer criticized Timothy Keller over his statement on abortion. READ MORE

pregnant mom holding flowers near her tummy

5 Bible Verses Showing God Is Pro-Life


Amidst the seemingly endless argument on the issue about abortion, the Bible shows that God hates murder and strongly upholds life.READ MORE

The Lasting Impact of Gratitude

Gratitude: Here Are More Reasons To Continue Being Grateful


Studies have found that gratitude is significantly beneficial not just on mental health but on a person’s well-being as well. READ MORE

Huge Turnout in Mauro Murillo's Crusade in Tulsa

California Evangelist's Oklahoma Crusade Met With Overwhelming Response


The crusade organized by Mauro Murillo’s ministry in Oklahoma was met with overwhelming response that some people could not enter in. READ MORE

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