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Lina Kim

Tim Tebow raises $750,000 to end human trafficking.

Tim Tebow raises $750,000 to fight against human trafficking


Tim Tebow supports Anti-Human Trafficking for the very first time on his 33rd birthday. Over the years, Tim Tebow states it has been a mission about which he has been extremely passionate. As a team, he expects support and bondage across the world for the worldwide fight against human trafficking. READ MORE

North Korea Pyongyang

Kim Jung Un reported to be in coma, sister set to take control


North Korea State News released new photos of Kim Jung Un in a coma. The report states Kim Jung Un has been in a coma for months and ceded power to his sister, Kim yo Jong. READ MORE

'Christians don't date non-Christians

J.D Greear assumes Christians don't date non-believers


J.D Greear discusses the ache of loneliness in humanity that one ache we have does not arise from sin. Explaining why Christians don't date non-Christians, J.D Greear reminds individuals that communication is the key to a relationship. According to Greear, Christians view their dating and marriage status differently from non-believers. READ MORE

Pastor's wife and a mother of three

Pastor's wife body found by the Mississippi River


The missing wife's dead body was found in a shipping container near the 1-55 by the Mississippi River. The woman is believed to be a mother of three children and a wife of a pastor from Leawood Baptist church. According to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, the woman's body has yet to be positively identified on Wednesday. READ MORE

Jack Phillips believe in 'Artistic Freedom'

Colorado cake artist, Jack Philips wishes to see Artistic Freedom


Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips shares his own beliefs to the art community. Jack Philips wishes to see Artistic Freedom as a creative professional as he sends out a message to all believers and artists that their own thoughts value the most. READ MORE

Prominent Evangelicals ask Ivanka Trump for help regarding human trafficking among young children

Americans ask Ivanka Trump to help migrant children from human trafficking


As of today, human trafficking has been increasing even throughout the pandemic. Prominent evangelicals reach out to the first daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump to adhere to federal anti-trafficking law in its treatment of unaccompanied migrant children. READ MORE

Iowa State University English Professor threatens students to take leave

A professor in Iowa ban students to freely express their thoughts regarding abortion and 'BLM'


Throughout the global pandemic, there have been many issues on abortion ban and abortion support. Chloe Cark, an Iowa State University professor threatened students to take leave if they oppose 'Black Lives Matter' and abortion in the syllabus as she labeled the argument as a 'GIANT WARNING.' READ MORE

Due to her faith, Chelsey Nelson denies to work with same-sex marriage couples

Kentucky wedding photographer denied to work with same-sex marriage photoshoot


A federal judge in Kentucky has ruled that the city of Louisville cannot force a Christian photographer to work same-sex weddings because the "Constitution does not require a choice between gay rights and freedom of speech." READ MORE

Robert Trump's last goodbye at The White House.

Robert Trump's funeral service was held at The White House


On Friday, President Donald Trump's brother, Robert Trump's funeral service was held at the White House. The members who attended including Trump's family and his children added up to approximately 150 guests.READ MORE

Franklin Graham calls upon Christians. "There is an absence of God."

Franklin Graham asks for the national prayer march in Washington D.C


Recently, Franklin Graham, an influential evangelist, held a national prayer march in Washington D.C calling out all believers for a prayer march regarding the Nation's disaster. For healing, recovery, and unification for the nation, Franklin Graham reminds believers that we need to pray now more than ever in our lives. Graham expresses that there has been an absence of God throughout the pandemic. The phase where people need God the most, we tend to look away from him and find a substitute. Graham shared on Facebook, "I don't believe America's finest hours will be in front of us if we take God out of government and public life. It is God who sets the standards we are to live by."READ MORE

WHO confirmed evidence that COVID-19 might be spread by tiny particles of moisture

WHO confirmed evidence that COVID-19 might be spread by tiny particles of moisture


Jonathan Reid, a professor of chemistry who is leading a research team at Bristol University in the United Kingdom is looking into virus transmission and singing. Reid stated how important it is to know how many particles spread during singing or regular talking. READ MORE

Meghan Markle remains faithful in God

Actress, Meghan Markle shares her faith in God throughout the darkest times


"It's prayer and conversations with God that have gotten her through the darkest moments. That's something that plays a significant role in her life and her relationship with Harry. The two have been on a journey of faith together." READ MORE

Salvation only comes through Jesus

Most people believe salvation is earned by being good


"You consider yourself to be a Christian; and when you die you will go to Heaven only because you have confessed your sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior." READ MORE

Will Graham stated the world is looking hopeless

Will Graham encourage believers as the world is looking hopeless


"My friends, in many ways the world looks hopeless. Perhaps like the Prodigal Son, you feel like you're in the pit with the swine. However, as Christians, we should "not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind" (Romans 12:2, NKJV). READ MORE

LifeWay Research

Church goers express confidence and confusion reading the bible


Some churchgoers may fully understand the scripture while the half admit they have problems understanding Scripture on their own. Despite repeatedly affirming confidence in their abilities to explain and understand the Bible, a recent LifeWay Research study in partnership with Explore the Bible curriculum found 57% of Protestant churchgoers say they find it challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own. READ MORE

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