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Lina Kim

Pastor Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie Tests 'POSITIVE' after The White House Event


At least eight other attendees are reported to be positive for coronavirus after attending The White House rose garden event. Among the President and The First Lady's results, The White House released photos that indicated attendees who were unmasked in the Rose Garden Crowd. READ MORE

Seniors are allowed to get vaccination ahead.

Coronavirus vaccine may possibly come early as Easter in U.K


Coronavirus vaccine going through FDA so it could be approved soon as possible. The vaccination will most likely be from Oxford University and will be used in order of essential workers and elders. "if the country's 53 million adults were all to be vaccinated with two doses within six months, it would mean 600,000 jabs being given every single day. To do the same in three months, it would require 1.2 million doses a day." READ MORE

Mike Pence and The Second Lady shows love towards Trump Supporters

Mike Pence tests 'NEGATIVE' he will continue his duties in the White House


Pence tested negative and plans to maintain his usual work for the upcoming days. Mike Pence is next in line for the presidency if there are health issues upon President Donald Trump. Pence's personal physician, Dr. Jesse Schonau also announced a statement on Friday explaining Pence is 'not required for a quarantine.'READ MORE

The former drug addict's life changes completely through God.

Former drug addict comes before God and heals others


Wearing costumes such as Captain America and fairy wings, his mugshots went viral and drew attention. Hobbs mentioned he already had several run-ins with the law and was on probation for a grand larceny conviction. Charged with burglary and held on a $25,000 bond, Hobbs also carried 4 DUIs. READ MORE

Sadie Robertson overcomes her insecurities only with God's power

Sadie Rob overcame her insecurities on media by having faith in God


"I remember praying and saying, God, I think you chose the wrong person. This makes me nervous. This makes me insecure. This is not something I'm thriving in. Then the Lord said something so sweet to my heart. I just felt like God was saying, 'I'm not calling you to be this perfect person. I'm actually just calling you to be a sister and a friend to those who don't have a sister and a friend.' READ MORE

Mike Pence and The Second Lady

Mike Pence sends prayers to Trump after COVID


Following the news regarding their 'positive' results, Pence shared on Twitter blessing the President with millions joining across America to pray for their health. Mike Pence will be at the debate and continue to work with his usual schedule with no concern. READ MORE

San Francisco Mayor London Breed lifts 1-person indoor worship service limit

San Francisco allows indoor worship after the protest


Announced by the San Francisco's Mayor, the new guideline of the City now allows 25% of capacity, up to 100 people to be allowed inside the church for in-person service. The petition also surpassed 35,000 signatures on Tuesday. READ MORE

Open Doors reach out for a prayer upon the couple and their daughter, Lydia to be back home.

Iran took away couple's daughter for following Jesus


Following Jesus, the couple was already 'emotionally attached' to the 18-month old baby daughter, Lydia. By following Jesus, Christians in Iran such as Sam and Maryam face hardship due to the consequences they provide.READ MORE

Over 12,864 Christian books are yet to be demolished

China sentenced a Christian bookseller to seven years in jail


The bookstore owner is now charged with 'illegal Business Operation' and Yu's phone will also be confiscated by the Chinese authorities. Chinese persecution never ceased to decrease and continues to emerge within China and other communist areas. READ MORE

Trump targets African-American's vote two months before the election

Trump targets African-American's votes by funding by $500B 'Platinum Plan'


Donald Trump compared and contrasted between his plan for the African American community and Joe Biden's proposals arguing the former vice president 'inflicted' damage on the Black community over the last 47 years. Although there were conflicts between Trump and the 'BLM' Movement, the pillars of the plan in broad terms and among other proposals said Trump would re build-up 'peaceful' urban neighborhoods with the 'highest standards', bringing fairness into the justice system. READ MORE

John MacArthur's new trial is expected to extend to 2021.

Judge refuses to hold John MacArthur in contempt without trial


"We are pleased that Judge Beckloff indicated he agreed with the major points that we made on behalf of Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community Church and we are very gratified that the judge's ruling today reflects that he appreciates the importance of the constitutionally protected rights at issue in this case." READ MORE

John MacArthur holds indoor services without the fear of outcome

John MacArthur holds indoor services after judge agrees to full trial


Pastor John MacArthur in Grace Community Church has continued to hold indoor worship services in defiance of restrictions on large indoor gatherings. Although the judge allowed and recommended outdoor services, the church ignored the order and continued to follow up with indoor Sunday services as usual. Grace Community Church resumed onsite worship services starting from July 26 and has continued to hold them after the Court issued the preliminary injunction prohibiting them from legally having service indoors. READ MORE

Family of 7 shares GoFundMe

Family of 7 test 'POSITIVE' after storm demolished their home


Matthew Graham stated he started the cough at first thinking it was the effect of a cloudy smoke. Later, it came down as flu-like symptoms. Jessica Graham stated she was babysitting their 10-year-old Claudia, 7-year-old twins Zoe and Adele, and 5-year-old Darius when she was affected by coronavirus. The family mentioned they might've caught the coronavirus a week before the storm crashed into their home. READ MORE

Tru Beare was born weighing just one pound as Rob Beare (father) was able to hold her on the 54th day.

Baby born weighing 1 pound now inspiring others!


Newsner and Facebook reported she was graduated from the incubator to the crib after a couple of months and nothing held her back from freely leaving the hospital. Tru Beare was known to be battling with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, two blood clots, chronic lung disease, MRSA, retinopathy, two blood infections including sepsis- a congenital heart defect, and seven blood transfusions. READ MORE

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks LIVE re: 'Florida's new COVID-19 measures.'

Florida Gov. allows businesses to operate fully with no capacity including outdoor activities


According to the report, hospitalization for COVID-19 has decreased 76% from the peak compared to the beginning of the pandemic. The cases in Florida are known to be dropped steadily now and now are waiting to see more interaction. "Schools have opened, all the theme parks are open, more people have visited." READ MORE

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