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Lina Kim

24 suspects of burglary in May

Chicago Police released videos of the suspects looting a store in May


On Tuesday, Chicago police released surveillance videos of people who looted a store back in May. The video shows dozens of people breaking into the store and taking all of the products which the store carried. The department asks for public help for identifying a group of people who were caught on the official camera. Chicago police state the electronics were stolen around 1:45 on May 31st. Fox News reported, "many people were captured taking whatever merchandise they could find over a roughly 25- minute period. At least one person violently kicked and shattered a protective covering under a counter that housed additional items."READ MORE

Kay Warren and Rick Warren shares their devotional about God testing one's faith through trials and tribulations

'What trial is God using to test your faith?' Rick/Kay Warren


Kay Warren reminds Christians that the scripture provides healing and long-lasting value that is worth more than gold. She determines if one's faith remains strong after being tested by fiery trials, it will bring one praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. READ MORE

CA Gov. Newsom provides an update on the state’s response to the COVID19 pandemic.

California New 'AB3088' ACT helps landlords and Tenants


During the COVID-19 season, tenants and Landlords have been financially struggling to pay rent and mortgage loans. Supporting tenants and landlords from being evicted from the property, Gov. Newsom extends the time period of evictions and provides a new ACT called 'AB3088'. Gov Newsom stated the new laws will provide immediate protection for millions of struggling Californians worried about keeping a roof over their heads or making next month's mortgage payments. "We remain committed to the well-being of all Californians, and only with new federal stimulus funding for landlord and renter relief can we truly and fully address the needs of all who have lost jobs or homes because of this horrible pandemic."READ MORE

Chinese believers wait upon 'religious freedom'

Chinese communist party burns unauthorized religious literature


Throughout the pandemic, Chinese Authorities have been removing crosses and demolishing churches. Over the years, many underground churches and secret believers faced hardship and legal actions for providing illegal services. The Chinese Communist Party even offered money to anyone who reports illegal activities targeting most Christians. Chinese believers claim over 50 kilograms of printed material was removed from the church and they were told that the literature must be 'burned to prevent it from being used.' It is stated that Christian literature is 'made' to conceal their efforts under the guise of saving its citizens from 'pornographic and harmful' books. According to Doors of Hope, provincial and municipal governments have begun to remove all publications from state-run churches that are not officially approved by the state since April. READ MORE

Franklin Graham hold another nation prayer walk in D.C end of September

Franklin Graham Asks for Prayer "America may face 'socialism'"


Franklin Graham said the Democratic Party is 'opposed to faith' and warns that the left will 'close the church down in many places.' Graham stated the nation will face socialism and reminds believers, 'the only hope for this country is God.' "The Democrats, if anything, they are opposed to faith. The Democrats have taken God pretty much out of government." "The government will begin to tell the church how it can be the church and they will close the church down in many places. We see right now because of COVID, the government trying to tell the church that they can not meet and the constitution gives us that freedom to do that. But because of the void, they said we can't meet." READ MORE

Currently churches and homes are demolished and residents are left with no shelter

Baptist church pastor dies from hurricane Laura


Among 18 deaths related to Hurricane Laura, Pastor James Vernon cart Jr. who pastored First Baptist Church of Iota has died on Aug 27th. According to his wife, the pastor has gone to bed around 2:00 A.M while she was with her grandkids and suddenly a tree fell on his roof. READ MORE

Two deadly bomb attack leaves 14 dead

14 people were killed and 78 others were injured, deadly double bombs in Philippines


The Philippines is still struggling to rid their nation of ISIS influence. Over the week, 14 people were killed and 78 others were injured after the two bombs exploded in Jolo, Sulu. The first bomb detonated at the main street in the town of Jolo in Sulu province, about 621 miles from Manila. It is recorded that at least five soldiers and four civilians were killed. The second bomb was carried out by a female suicide attacker who detonated herself with others who were around her. READ MORE

Refuge Baptist Church torn apart from a tornado

The Refuge Baptist Church demolished from a massive tornado in Arkansas


The Refuge Baptist Church in Lake City was completely demolished from the tornado which occurred on Thursday night in Arkansas. Luckily no one was injured inside the church and the pastor who lives next door confirmed he is safe at the moment. READ MORE

The Sacred Church remains strong for their 150th anniversary

Church in Virginia celebrates its 150th year in the community


Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Virginia celebrates its 150th year in the community. The church is known to have one of the largest congregations of any church in the Winchester area. The church maintained roughly about 3,200 families and 10,000 members. The Church was dedicated on July 18, 1870, and remains until today. READ MORE

Cynthia Miller (14-year old young girl)

14-year old girl dies from hurricane in Lousiana


An unbelievable hurricane struck down homes in Louisiana, killing at least six people from the falling trees. The National Hurricane Center reported the Laura slammed the border of the coast with winds of 150 mph at 1:00 a.m. Forecast reporters have warned residents that the storm surge would be 'unsurvivable'. Louisiana Gov. John bel Edwards and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said search and rescue teams were looking for victims but so far have found no reports yet. A 14-year-old young girl identified as, Cynthia Miller, was one of the 6 who was killed from the devastating hurricane incident. READ MORE

Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities

Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities


China Aid announced from August 20 to September 20, they will conduct a month-long investigation to crack down on illegal religious activities in China. The notice was sent out by the Xinyang City Gushi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau. The Chinese bureau set a reward of 500 CNY (72 USD) for anyone who reports people attending illegal religious activities. It is reported that The Bureau even provided a hotline for people to report, submit videos, recordings, or pictures. READ MORE

Melania Trump's shows sorrow

Melania Trump shows sorrow to families who are suffering throughout the pandemic


First Lady Melania Trump made comments about the COVID-19 pandemic, empathizing sympathy for the lost loved ones. On Tuesday, the lectern was held in the White House at Rose Garden as she spoke about her immigrant upbringing and her belief in the American dream. READ MORE

Church gatherings postponed until further notice

Durham University state there is lack of engagement throughout digital service


In May, Dr. Peter Phillips and Digital Theology have studied and specialized research centered on the study of digital religion. Researchers at Durham University stated the population has engaged with faith digitally during the lockdown. According to the report by Durham University, the UK adults focus on prayer, meditation, corporate or organized worship, reflection on nature, choir, and yoga. READ MORE

Bishop Yambasu's sudden death strikes believers

Bishop Yambasu dies from road accident


On August 16, the Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area of The United Methodist Church passed away from a road accident outside Freetown. According to Phileas Jusu, the Bishop was on his way to attend a funeral service for Rev. Edward Kamara. Bishop Yambasu, the founder of the Child Rescue Centre in Sierra Leone, was the president of the Africa College of Bishops and elected Chancellor of the University. He had endless love and passion for the church and focused mainly on Christian education and youth ministry. READ MORE

New born babies are forced to face abortion. 'genocide'

Chinese communist gov. orders abortion at hospitals


"They wouldn't give the baby to the parents. They kill the babies when they are born. It is an order that has been given from above. It is an order that has been printed and distributed in official documents. Hospitals get fined if they don't comply, so of course, they carry this out." READ MORE

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