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Lina Kim

The India-China border

Shots fired border of India and China


On Tuesday, China and India assumed each other was firing shots along the disputed border. Historically, the two countries have fought in 1962 when India suffered a humiliating defeat. In recent months, the two countries' relationship has deteriorated. READ MORE

Police barricades the park

Seattle park closes worship event amid riots


Sean Feucht, a 'Let Us Worship' organizer just announced on Fox News the park was closed. The worship service continued to be held on the streets as many believers attended. Regardless of riots vandalizing properties and objects, it is stated the police were focused on the worship team to evacuate. READ MORE

Charles F. Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries

Charles F. Stanley Steps Down After Serving over 50 years


The last online service featuring Pastor Charles Stanley informed believers that Pastor Stanley had just celebrated his 88th birthday as a retirement. Serving for 8 years, Pastor Stanley sends out love to all believers and reminds them that his heart will still be upon First Baptist Church.READ MORE

LaShenda Williams

A Kroger Supermarket hires a homeless woman


The supermarket stated they will take care of her and not let her live in the car especially throughout the pandemic. The corporate affairs manager told Fox News, "her uplifting spirit is contagious. She has made such a positive impact on her fellow team members, and so many customers as well. We are so proud to have her as an associate."READ MORE

Man from Pakistan faces death

Christian Persecution: Man in Pakistan faced death after text messages in 2013.


Throughout the pandemic, Christian Persecution never ceased once. The authorities have over many believers who faced death and traumatizing READ MORE

15-year-old Teen sent home after supporting, "HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN"

Teen thrown out of school for wearing a shirt that said, 'HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN'


The father of the teen, Rich Renkoski shares on Twitter, "It is not fair. She told me that she can't wear that shirt and other people can wear the stuff that they wear." Renkoski believes his daughter, Brielle Penkoski's Frist Amendment rights were violated as he is now 'contemplating legal action.' READ MORE

J.D Greear

J.D Greear: "Do not fear satan but do not ignore him either"


Greear compares and contrasts believers who are either warriors or who needs awakening. He explains Christians aren't aware of lions that are close by roaring into the world. "Christians make two primary mistakes in regard to Satan: Some people give Satan too much credit, where they blame him for any sin in their life. On the other side, and perhaps even more problematic, are those who don't recognize satan at all." READ MORE

Pat Robertson talks about how 'BLM' movement is ruining christianity

Pat Robertson exclaims 'BLM' Movement is destroying Christianity


To begin with, many believers and non-believers showed concern throughout the movement of BLM due to the pandemic. However, Robertson states, the BLM movement has been 'hijacked by the radicals as if they are using the label to put forth an agenda and people need to be aware.' READ MORE

John MacArthur's In-door Sunday Service

John MacArthur : "its nationally watched battle over coronavirus restriction"


John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley was once again notified to wear masks with proper in-person service social distancing. The church has been holding in-person service for about 2 months and most believers state they recommended online service due to the state orders. READ MORE

Santa Cruz Baptist Church welcomes residents with love and support

S.C Baptist Church turns sanctuary into hotel for people who had to evacuate due to unexpected fire


Regarding the wildfire in California, many residents have lost their homes due to a sudden evacuation. California Pastor, from Santa Cruz, receives a phone call from the associate pastor in the morning stating the families who were forcefully evacuated from the fire, needed a place to stay. Church provides meals, extra showers, blow-up mattresses, and tents to support the residents who weren't able to afford a hotel room. READ MORE

Justin Bieber thanks the Lord for allowing him to walk with Jesus.

Justin Bieber's wrong visions of Christians changed historically


A Pop singer Justin Bieber just announced that money or fame wasn't the key to success. Bieber truly believes relationships among each other and the connection is far more important than anything else. He thanks God for allowing him to walk with Jesus and seek the Lord. READ MORE

"God's calling"

Woman in Alabama donates her kidney to an officer who put her in jail


Jocelynn James, a woman in Alabama donated her kidney to the former police officer who put her in jail. The retired officer is known to be Terrell Potter and it is stated that Jocelynn James struggled through a serious addiction. Throughout the darkness, she thanks the officer for straightening her life. READ MORE

Creek Fire Explodes and Burns down the area

Disaster in California: 25 Wildfires startles residents


Across California, over 25 wildfires have been occurring with more than 2,094,955 acres burned down across the state. The Creek Fire which occurred recently has devoured more than 45,00 acres near Fresno and Madera counties waiting for evacuation. Many residents are terrified from the global attack. "AWAKENING"READ MORE

Kanye West Prayed and Thanks to The Lord.

Kanye West reminds believers that Bible can free us all


Kanye West, a famous Hip-Hop Artist shared his devotionals with the world. Proving that the scripture could set us free, he points out, through the darkness, his faith remained the same. In fact, Kanye West donated $2 Million to Ahmaud, Breonna, and George Floyd's death for 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' and joined the silent march for protests and prayer. READ MORE

Francis Chan speaks in convocation on February 6, 2019.

Francis Chan: Churches Need Awakening 'Religious Freedom'


Francis Chan strongly believes the church community needs awakening. He pointed out how the virus is pushing churches to become missional rather than institutional. Chan believes God is using this moment of the pandemic to test our faith.READ MORE

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