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Lina Kim

CCTV installed on the streets of China

Chinese believers are in serious shock, China is banning content such as miracles and healing in movies


New guidelines in China have regulated the film content by the Communist Party which concerns Catholic directors who fear that programs teaching the Christian faith will be erased. Targeting the Christian faith, China is banning content such as miracles and healing in movies throughout T.V and Radio. READ MORE

Protesters burn bible in Portland

Oregon Protesters Burn American flag with Holy Bible


According to the video and social media, Friday night's demonstrations were largely peaceful, but after midnight, marchers were caught on video using the flag and the bible as kindling for bonfires lit outside the federal courthouse. The post featured a video that showed protesters with "Black Lives Matter" signs tossing Bibles into a raging bonfire. The video, which has gone viral, had more than 1.8 million views and thousands of retweets. READ MORE

Chinese Church homes are continuously being demolished.

Christianity has been wiped out in China by Chinese government


Christianity has been wiped out in China as the government is continuously demolishing Church homes. Dozens of security guards and officers from the local Ethnic and Religious Bureau invaded to demolish the remaining homes within the residential building, where the church also once stood. There have been many concerns as Yang shares on Facebook in more details of the raid. READ MORE

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber shares, 'Jesus is our hope'


Pop singer, Justin Bieber breaks the internet's attention by preaching the word of God. On August 1, Bieber wrote a powerful message on Instagram sharing a photo with the words, "Jesus is our hope." READ MORE

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards stated he will fast three days due to pandemic


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards stated he will begin three days of lunch-hour fasts and prayers on Monday in response to the state's spike in coronavirus cases. John Bel Edward highly encouraged and recommended the residents to be with him throughout the fasting and pray for the state's health. READ MORE

Bible study in small groups

Gov. Newsom bans holding small Bible studies and group meetings in home


Churches in California once again filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday regarding lockdown orders against holding indoor church services. Although some believers understand the procedure of staying 6 feet apart and that indoor services are unsafe, Newsom, on the other hand, banned church members from holding Bible studies and other small group meetings in their own homes. READ MORE

Americans with diabetes

Study shows 40% of people who have died with COVID-19 had diabetes


Many Americans who have diabetes are concerned about their health more than anybody else. With fear, people are encouraged to follow up with the procedure extra careful than usual. Andrew Boulton, president of the IDF stated, 'my fear is we will see a tsunami of problems once this is over.' READ MORE

Nigeria Christians are executed

Five Christian men executed in Nigeria


five Nigerian men have been executed in Nigeria by Islamist extremists. The deaths were recorded in a 35-second video posted to YouTube by Eons Intelligence before being removed. The video contained violent killing which showed the men blindfolded and kneeling in front of five militants standing behind them holding AK-47 rifles.READ MORE

in person service with masks on

Over 70% of churches holding in person service with safety measures


The study found that 99% of the churches that have reopened to meet physically indoors are taking health and safety precautions. Following Gov. Doug Duy's March 26 executive order all businesses, organizations, and venues that draw public crowds, churches closed their doors. READ MORE

Chinese believers have no safe place

There are no longer a safe place for Chinese Christians


Wang Yi and a church elder stated they were imprisoned for their faith and the government forbids parents to enroll their children in church schools, threatening to send them to re-education camps. Forcefully sending adopted children back to their birth parents, Chinese believers are devastated from the unlawful action.READ MORE

Biden expects Islamic faith

Joe Biden wants U.S to teach more about Islamic faith


Joe Biden stated on Monday that he wants schools in the U.S. to teach more about Islam and claimed that there is an "unconscionable rise in Islamophobia" under the Trump administration.READ MORE

Chinese communist leader.

Chinese authorities demolished Crosses and images of Jesus and replaced it with communist leaders


The Chinese authorities have reportedly ordered Christians to renounce their faith and replace the crosses, images of Jesus in churches with their communist leaders, Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping. The Chinese officials have recently demolished religious symbols by force in churches in multiple provinces, including Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, and Zhejiang. READ MORE

Nigeria Christians are struggling with death and abuse.

Persecution in Nigera killed around 11,500 Christians


With 50% of Christians in Nigeria, these Christians are being subjected to ruthless persecution targeting the Christians are both the Islamic militant group Boko Haram and Muslim Fulani herdsmen. READ MORE

Brave young boy saves little sister from dog attack.

Brave 6 year old boy saves little sister from serious dog attack


A 6-year-old boy, Bridger Walker becomes a superhero after protecting his little sister from a dog attack. The little boy received about 90 stitches after a dog chewed up his face as he saved his little sister from the aggressive animal last Thursday, according to a viral Instagram post. READ MORE

John Powell, 38, the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in New Caney

Pastor in Texas died in a highway accident helping out stranded driver


According to television station KXII, a truck driving north on U.S. Highway 75 was struck by a car. Reportedly, the car caught fire, and Powell and another man pulled over to assist. The driver of the car that was on fire survived. READ MORE

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