Kamala Harris: Biden's running mate

Kamala Harris became the district attorney and the top prosecutor for San Francisco in 2003, before being elected the first woman and the first black person to serve as California's attorney general.

Mike Huckabee "For 2020 religious voters 'Biden is not an option"

Huckabee told "Fox & Friends Weekend,' "these are areas where if the government and society as a whole don't want to embrace a biblical standard, Christians just want to be left the heck alone. We don…
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  • Protesters burn bible in Portland

    Oregon Protesters Burn American flag with Holy Bible

    According to the video and social media, Friday night's demonstrations were largely peaceful, but after midnight, marchers were caught on video using the flag and the bible as kindling for bonfires lit outside the federal courthouse. The post featured a video that showed protesters with "Black Lives…
  • Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church

    John MacArthur Facing Legal Troubles For Indoor Services, Insists on State Limitations for Regulate Church

    John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles County, could be facing legal troubles for continuing to gather indoors for worship service. Reports indicate that the church received a cease-and-desist letter for defying orders to stop all services. The letter threatens a daily $1000…
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    CDC warns youth are dying of suicide and overdose throughout pandemic

    Despite the common notion that COVID-19 has a lower mortality rate among young people, Robert Redfield, director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), has found that the coronavirus is, indeed, fatally affecting the younger population- but in a way that many did not expect.
  • Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards

    Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards stated he will fast three days due to pandemic

    Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards stated he will begin three days of lunch-hour fasts and prayers on Monday in response to the state's spike in coronavirus cases. John Bel Edward highly encouraged and recommended the residents to be with him throughout the fasting and pray for the state's health. …
  • Bible study in small groups

    Gov. Newsom bans holding small Bible studies and group meetings in home

    Churches in California once again filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday regarding lockdown orders against holding indoor church services. Although some believers understand the procedure of staying 6 feet apart and that indoor services are unsafe, Newsom, on the other hand, banned chur…
  • in person service with masks on

    Over 70% of churches holding in person service with safety measures

    The study found that 99% of the churches that have reopened to meet physically indoors are taking health and safety precautions. Following Gov. Doug Duy's March 26 executive order all businesses, organizations, and venues that draw public crowds, churches closed their doors.
  • Biden expects Islamic faith

    Joe Biden wants U.S to teach more about Islamic faith

    Joe Biden stated on Monday that he wants schools in the U.S. to teach more about Islam and claimed that there is an "unconscionable rise in Islamophobia" under the Trump administration.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo

    Mike Pompeo "Abortion, it takes a life"

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared a speech during a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa expressing the Trump administration's opposition of making abortion a human right. "Abortion quite simply isn't a human right," Pompeo declared. "It takes a life." "This administration appreciates and kno…
  • Trump lifts bible to crowd.

    Survey indicates 82% of American evangelists would vote for Trump

    The Pew survey was conducted among registered voters and is an increase from the 77% of white evangelical Protestant voters who said they backed Trump after the 2016 presidential elections.
  • 3 Churches filed a lawsuit against Newsom.

    Three Churches File Lawsuit Against Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom

    Three churches in Northern California have filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom. They claim that a ban he imposed on singing in places of worship, implemented to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, violates their First Amendment rights.
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