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Lina Kim

North Koreans struggle to worship God peacefully

The secret and surprising way North Koreans worship God


Located in one bedroom with a small living space, a group of people gathers for service worrying about the noise level. Living near the woods is considered the best idea so they can hide their bible as they dig it back in. Being afraid, North Koreans always struggle to find the right timing and place for worship. READ MORE

Florida teen raises GoFundMe

Florida teen carves U.S flags to support veterans, children, and medical professionals


Lorenzi Liberti, a 15-year old teenager in Florida has been creating handmade carved U.S flags for the past eight months. By hand carving and selling intricate US flags, the young boy is raising money to support homeless veterans, children with special needs, and medical professionals. Working in his garage, he makes the impressive works during the day and night from 13 planks of pinewood. READ MORE

Deadly explosion in Lebanon

Lebanese reports 300 deaths and 4,000 wounded due to an intense explosion


"President called an urgent meeting of the national defence council, which declared Beirut disaster zone, while PM Diab declared Wednesday day of mourning. What happened will not pass without accountability. Those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price.' READ MORE

The Portland Mayor warns that rioters who set the police stations on fire are ‘attempting murder.’

Riots set Portland Police Association Office on fire


On Tuesday night, it was reported that Rioters set fire to the Portland Police Association office and brutally vandalized their property. Although the police stated several have been arrested, the building set on fire including nearby places that were uncontrollable. READ MORE

Nevada churches secure a win from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Supreme Court denies Nevada's request upon re-opening churches


On Friday, The U.S. The Supreme Court denied a rural Nevada church's request from the Christian church east of Reno to allow church gatherings. Nevada, known to be a gambling and party city, COVID-19 restrictions allowed casinos, restaurants, and other businesses to operate with social distancing. Meanwhile, the churches are filled with frustrations for not having the right to express and exercise their beliefs. READ MORE

Nigerian persecution

7 Things to Know About: Persecution in Nigeria


The Muslim extremist group Boko Haram has become synonymous with violence against Christians. Christian persecution rises once again in Nigeria where Christians were brutally killed and raped. Open Doors reaches out to worldwide Christians to help with prayer insightfully and teaches believers how to come alongside for our brothers and sisters. The broken-down tragic and complex situations are broken into seven specific areas for an easier understanding. READ MORE

Chris Tomlin, 'Friends'

Chris Tomlin's new album 'friends' collaborates with Country Artist


"It wasn't like, 'Hey, I've got a song here, I got the famous friends, I'll call them to sing on the second verse and they'll email it in. It was all of us together making this record and it's so special." READ MORE

Pastor Ed Young strongly encourage churches to re open

Pastor Ed Young says its 'critical' for churches to reopen despite the COVID-19 pandemic


Pastor Ed Young reminds Christians that faith needs to be consistent. People are in need of healing, love, encouragement, and support during the toughest stage. READ MORE

Jonathan Isaac's ACL injury

Basketball player Jonathan Isaac's devastating injury


Jonathan Isaac, a Chrsitian known professional basketball player in Orlando, has torn his ACL during the game. It is stated that he hurt the same knee in which he suffered in January and was in a serious pain attack. Due to the devastating injury, Jonathan is unable to play but his faith stands strong as he shares the love throughout social media. READ MORE

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin gets baptized


Pop singer Justin Bieber once again draws attention and shares the good news about him and his wife getting baptized on Wednesday. He opens up about a special moment he shared with his wife, Hailey Baldwin as there were several photos of Justin and Hailey getting baptized together underwater. READ MORE

Pastor faces legal actions due to California safety measures

Donald Trump's personal attorney supports Pastor John MacArthur facing legal action


Pastor John MacArthur is facing legal action after opening up church gatherings in church. Due to California's safety restriction, the pastor is receiving special counsel from President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Jenna Ellis, and religious freedom expert Charles LiMandri. READ MORE

Todd White

Todd White repents of failing to preach the 'whole Gospel'


Todd White stated, "I am not perfect, but I am strongly convicted! I feel like I just met Jesus again! There's just this rekindled thing inside of me! This has been the hardest season of my life! I'm like, "Lord! What are you doing!?" READ MORE

Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren offers 6 things to remember during the pandemic


Pastor Rick Warren speaks weekly to encourage believers throughout the pandemic. Though the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in our lifetime, one must have hope and strong faith. In the weekly special message from Pastor Rick Warren, he offers things you can remember, rely on, and do during this crisis to experience God's hope and fight back against fear. READ MORE

BTS is one of the most popular K-POP group in North Korea

North Korea reveals 70% of the 25 million watch South Korean's dramas, movies, and T.V shows.


According to the source, dozens of men and women had their heads shaved and they were shackled as investigators interrogated them. While the South Korean pop culture is being popularized in North Korea, many of the younger generations have been getting punished from imitating and mimicking south Korean's facial expressions and pronunciations. READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham motivates Christians to vote for America's future


Evangelical leader, Franklin Graham motivates Christians to stand up and vote in November for America's future. He warns of "all-out socialism" and for Americans to vote for their leaders. Graham points out to Christians that believers must take serious action upon November's voting due to chaos erupting in cities controlled by liberal, socialist-learning leadership. READ MORE

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