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CCTV installed on the streets of China

China Threatens Christians by Surveillance and Technologically Advanced System

David Curry, the CEO of the U.S. Open Doors, recently wrote a column on why China's service monitoring system is a threat to Christians around the world. When Curry visited China recently, he saw hundreds of cameras while taking a walk. He said he was not surprised to learn that China has about 415 million cameras. There is a possibility that 2 billion CCTVs will be installed on Chinese streets in the coming years.

Joshua Choon-Min Kang is the senior pasto

Wisdom in Creating Change Beyond Reaction

Karl Menninger said, "Attitudes(interpretation) are much more important.One day I thought to myself, "If I can't avoid the problem, I should welcome it and grow from it." Especially while I was studying miracles in the Bible, I realized that all miracles came from problems.

Mission Agape

Mission Agape Expands Reach to Those in Peru

Mission Agape, which has been carrying out acts of love toward those who are homeless in downtown Atlanta, held a meeting at a local cafe on August 20, reporting updates on their mission work in Peru.

First Southern Baptist Church of Walnut Korea mission

Korean American Students Travel to the 'Motherland,' Carrying the Gospel

A team of short-term missionary students in the English ministry of First Southern Baptist Church of Walnut left to South Korea on July 20 to share the gospel. The aims behind this mission trip were many, including restoring a sense of identity as a Korean in the Korean American students, and more importantly, providing them an opportunity to be messengers of the gospel.

New Life Fullerton and Solidarity

A Church and a Non-Profit Partner to Invest in the Community for the Long Run

A church and a non-profit joined hands to offer job skills training to youth and young adults in the Fullerton area. The six-week course, which ran from April to May, was the result of a collaborative effort between New Life Fullerton, the English-speaking congregation of a Korean immigrant church called New Life Mission Church, and Solidarity, a non-profit which serves low-income and inner city children and youth through various programs, including the program which New Life participated in, called Workforce Development.

Masaya Nicaragua

Korean Churches Work Together to Share the Gospel to Thousands in Nicaragua

Churches belonging to presbyteries of the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (KPCA) in the New York region have once again hosted a revival event in Masaya, Nicaragua for the first time in three years, from February 25 to 26. Some 22,000 Masaya area residents attended the conference over the two days.

GKYM Rochester 2016

Hundreds of Young Adults and Youth Commit to Missions at GKYM Conference

About 600 individuals committed to missions at the annual ‘GKYM Conference’ which took place this year at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center from December 27 to 30. GKYM Conferences have taken place in different cities each year, and the conference last took place in Rochester three years ago in 2013.

Woori Church of New York

Woori Church of New York to 'Share the Love of Christmas' in Haiti

Woori Church of New York will be on a mission trip from December 27 to January 2 in Haiti. The church, after starting its Haiti mission trips in 2013, has chosen the busiest time of the year during the holiday seasons to embark on the mission trip, carrying the love and gifts of Christmas to the Haiti natives.

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